SIMPLE DRILL to improve your golf swing takeaway

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8 Replies to “SIMPLE DRILL to improve your golf swing takeaway”

  1. Paul Newlove says:

    Good video but Alex's video just regurgitated.

  2. Works the same going forward into impact to push a club 😉 nice vid 👊

  3. z71bdubb says:

    Literally my favorite channel. 2 suggestions link your other channel in the description so it's easy to find and also link that other guy that you got it from. Thanks for your stuff

  4. Jerry Smiley says:

    I thought I saw this video on the other channel???

  5. Bill Cancel says:

    Great tips. With all the various tips on swing, setup, take away , delivery et, be interesting to see if you can aggregate the( your perceived ) best tips to a full swing in one video.

    Ps if you keep getting out of breath. Get to a dr and get checked out my friend. Don’t want to see anything happen to ya!

  6. Good drill very well explained, definitely something I will try.

  7. Jimmy Wailes says:

    He copied the answers at school too ..😮 full of shite

  8. kevin sayle says:

    Andy why are you just copying Alex’s videos ?🤦🏻

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