20 Secrets and Easter Eggs YOU MISSED In FNAF Security Breach Ruin

FNAF Security Breach Ruin Secrets and Easter Eggs you missed!

0:00 Introduction
0:29 1) Secret Sun Dialogue if You Have Only One Generator Active
0:53 2) Unique Moon Jumpscare With Only One Generator Active
1:21 3) Secret Sun Dialogue if You Don’t Activate Generators
1:46 4) Unique Moon Jumpscare if You Don’t Activate Generators
2:01 5) Secret Sun Dialogue With Both Generators Active
2:22 6) The Blob Hidden Location
3:35 7) Princess Quest Easter Egg
4:32 8) Bonnie Secret Location
5:09 9) Bonnie Wet Floor Signs Secret
5:57 10) Monty’s Legs Secret Location
6:44 11) Chica’s Secret Feeding Frenzy Arcade Game
7:18 12) How to Repair Chica’s Voice Box
8:26 13) Gregory Missing Hidden Detail
9:08 14) Gregory Being Chased by Vanny Secret Scene
9:38 15) Secret Eclipse Animation on Ceiling
10:25 16) Secret Giggling Baby Plushies Room
11:20 17) TJOC Freddy Easter Egg
11:41 18) Candy Cadet Secret Dialogue
12:57 19) Fredbear Secret Ending
13:41 20) Secret Scooper Ending & All Hidden Camera Locations
16:46 Conclusion

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33 Replies to “20 Secrets and Easter Eggs YOU MISSED In FNAF Security Breach Ruin”

  1. Rayne Davila says:

    I feel so bad for sun he just wants to play but moon is so mean and forces sun to be "caught in a nap" 🙁 im glad they were able to become whole as eclipse again after being rebooted, but that leads me to question why he was separated into two in the first place.

  2. You actually missed one secret

    Just before you enter the play structure section of the daycare, as you bypass the ruined arcade machines, approaching where you meet moon again, a distorted audio clip will play in the speakers overhead. The clip is of Markiplier screaming at Freddy for leaving him behind in the daycare the first time. It’s a neat little Easter egg commemorating the famous clip.

    If you want proof, watch Marks “FNAF SB: part 1” and fast forward to 50:00 and you can hear it play overhead.

  3. CallMeZorbin says:

    Something im not sure how to feel about is, the scooper doesn't actually appear as apart of the room until the exact moment you press the use button to execute the cut scene.
    If you watch closely on the top right of the screen you can see it just kinda pop into existence for the cutscene.
    Amazing game and cutscene don't get me wrong, but the scooper not existing in the room until the moment you press the button kinda ruins the illusion

  4. CHIQUITO79 _ says:

    Did anyone else wait until the end of the credits for the normal ending. (Elevator drop) and Roxy calls out Cassies name???

  5. Apparently there's things you can interact with that do not have prompts telling you that you can do so.

  6. Meb says:

    The one thing I learned from this dlc is that Gregory is a cold bloodied murder lol

  7. Meb says:

    The room with the Baby plushies screams Mike Afton lol

  8. It seems like I’m the only one to notice that in the beginning of ruin when your in front of the big poster for the renovations you can see a plumbob graffiti when you look right the plumbob is the thing that is above Sims’s heads

  9. DashingOcto says:

    How the fuck is the princess quest sword easily missable when you just go through a segment that forces you into vanni mode and spits you out, facing the sword, while still wearing the mask

  10. the terrafin says:

    What happens if you do the opposite of Gregorys instructions and go left at the start

  11. Novus Talks says:

    I'm confused. Why does sun say "not me, the other me" when it's still the same dude and he's supposed to be unconscious at this point?

  12. Noah Stewart says:

    I like how candy cadet that just tells you the ending almost 😂

  13. Looly says:

    awesome video man! keep it up😊

  14. Always appreciate y’all taking time to compile all this stuff!

  15. two of these are just two of the three endings of the game, don't know how you can consider those "missed secrets"

  16. Man is it ever bull crap that in Five Nights At Freddy's Security Breach Ruin you have to beat all 20 levels on Chica's Feeding Frenzy arcade game in order to receive Chica's voice box, despite the fact that none of the other arcade games in Fnaf SB offered any items whatsoever if you beat them, you instead only earn trophies. The makers instead should've had Chica's voice box sealed in a present box in the hidden bathroom with the Chica's feeding frenzy game, while the Chica arcade game is for optional gameplay with nothing important to offer like all the other arcade games.

  17. I’ve left a like mate

  18. Gimp Shepart says:

    makes sense that the mimic choose the lion costume, it is closest to the Tiger, his favourite animal

  19. Eric says:

    16:28 if you pause at the right moment you will see somebody in its mouth (maybe william afton)

  20. Blue👑🎗 says:

    "Whoever put his legs here obviously didnt like Monty…"
    What if Bonnie has been stuck in that dimension place and hes the one that put all that stuff there and the legs because he blames Monty

  21. Omg the last one (ending) it was mimic, the robot who killed a lot of persons (in a fnaf book) who the mimic disguised in a costume who the creator did (he teach the robot and robot copied him)
    The creator did this robot for his son but he died in an accident.
    So he just put his rage on the mimic with violence with a crowbar or some something else I forgot
    (that's why he want to kill and more bc he copied him before he was gone, or died idk!)
    it's some theories but it's in a book so.. it makes sense
    [Book fnaf sb]
    (sorry for my grammar I'm French lol)
    So… the thing is, the book(s) and the game are in the same dimension 😮
    (My theorie)

  22. hesham oufi says:

    There's better ending than any of these and how we can do it easy when you start the game never Scroll down back and Climb the place you came from and fall and that’s all

  23. Jordan C says:

    What about the Bonnie ending 😢

  24. Blitzer says:

    What was the monster from the hidden camera ending

  25. My boy Bonnie really got bodied😭😭😭

  26. ¡Star.Boy! says:

    With Eclipses room you can also go in that in security breach when would take a pic of certain cardboard cut-outs it will open the door an you can go in Suns room

  27. Bonnie, ☀️,Freddy,and Roxy are the most interesting awesome characters in FNAF security breach 100% Scott was cooking 🔥Edit and I forgot about the Blob holy a Masterpiece ❤

  28. Rin Ryu says:

    5:37 Not gonna lie, I wouldn't be surprised if Monty tore Bonnie apart, just to take over his job, as bass player. Look at the claw marks on his chest. Monty has the sharpest claws out of all the animatronics after all 👀

  29. VickyG says:

    He has such a nice voice to do these voiceovers

  30. TickSquad says:

    What about markiplier's screaming in the daycare?

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