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First time watching and reacting to Happy Gilmore

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41 Replies to “Happy Gilmore | First Time Watching | Movie Reaction | Movie Review | Movie Commentary”

  1. Justin _ says:

    One ball in one hole!

  2. Wow, I've seen this movie like 20 times and never noticed those two white phones in that scene till you mentioned them. I actually have no idea why those are there! Maybe AT&T sponsored the tour.

  3. mike baker says:

    Jack nickolson helped adam sandler with his anger management issues

  4. Tryler_ says:

    Top 5 movie ever

  5. Maybe I'm the only one who would have never guessed this but the mom on modern family plays the love interest. I think she's hotter now somehow

  6. zickey100 says:

    Bob Barker had Adam Sandler spayed or neutered.

  7. Dasha love your channel..but those Patron names….are barely legible…and flash by so quickly

  8. keith burge says:

    Great reaction dasha.

  9. The old guy who kept popping up at fandom was Lee Trevino…a somewhat legendary pro golfer. “Grizzly Adams DID have a beard!”

  10. Anthony A says:

    Guys or girls take note. Take Dasha ice skating if you're going out on a date with her.

  11. Malryth says:

    An awesome comedy movie! With "That's what she said" Dasha jokes in the reaction. Great way to start a weekend! Thanks!

  12. 7:27 "That's called ball in a hole. One in a ball. One ball in one hole." so adorable, my face hurts from smiling.

  13. If you want to see some exciting golf, watch some of Tiger Woods' highlight reels 🤘 Thanks for another entertaining reaction!

  14. Levi says:

    Do a reaction to the movie "Anger Management" it's a Adam Sandler movie

  15. Ozymandias says:

    6:02 Carl Weathers DID play football😊he was an Oakland Raider, played one game, then left to play for the BC Lions in Cananda🎉

  16. i love a fun story of the slobs vs the snobs. 😀

  17. Ronald Klaus says:

    $27k taxes a year?? Not on that house

  18. Joshua Zerbe says:

    7:27 was too adorable hehe…"ball in hole", "one in a ball", and "one ball in one hole" all sound better than "hole in one" to me too 😆😂😅

  19. Jesse Dodson says:

    "One ball in one hole?" Haha this is why I love your videos, your so freaking cute

  20. GWANGI says:

    You had talked about "Anger Managment Issue", its funny, because Adam Sandler has already a movie with the name "Anger Management"! You should watch it, its funny, and a great Jack Nicholson (The Shining) is also in it!

  21. But those "that's what he/she said" jokes take zero effort or actual work. Keep them in. These a multimillion dollar movies that you are making money off of. So literally any effort is super appreciated. Fart jokes, that's what he/she saids, zooms, blasting audio, it's all free. And you make bank. Don't limit yourself. You can make money without standing. Why mess with that? PS, have broken English bc it'll bring more views and you still don't even have to stand

  22. How insane would it have been if you out of all reactions actually showed images of your happy place? This is smth that will never happen with a "reactor" but just imagine how far ahead of everyone else you could've been. You can't now, but it wouldn't blew everyone's minds to see effort. Any kind of effort besides zooms and cuts. I would give you my pc if it happened, but now it's what we expect when it comes to effort, cost, time, and your form of content 🙁

  23. mofosoto says:

    Funny you mention anger management because another great Adam Sandler movie is “Anger Management”. Also starring Jack Nicholson with Marisa Tomei.
    All the characters in Happy Gilmore are great and fit well together. And Shooter is just legendary!

  24. David Eddy says:

    Funny you should mention Anger Management lol

  25. aKINDofBEEF says:

    7:28 You are so funny. In a good way. I could never speak Russian.

  26. My favorite Adam Sandler movie by far. Other great golf comedies: Caddyshack and Tin Cup.

  27. TwistedSage says:

    What does she say in her intro?

  28. 5:38: Dasha, Remember one-hand teacher guy as Apollo in the Rocky movies? Bet he had fun playing this role, instead of his usual action-hero stuff. (Currently you see Carl Weathers on The Star Wars "The Mandolorian" ). And I still love watching Bob Barker kick Happy's azz….18:50, Yes you can make that much doing ads..Michael Jordan made around 300 million from all the ones he did for Nike, McDOnald's, Gatorade, Haines underwear, etc–twice as much as he did for playing basketball.

  29. Dog fin says:

    Loved your boxing noises! 🥊

  30. "One ball in one hole" is my favorite game.

  31. Tim Raths says:

    There is a deleted scene where Happy throws the Ben Stiller character off a balcony. It sucks that they cut that from the movie because it would have been nice to see the orderly get his comeuppance.

  32. Colin Deane says:

    To really appreciate Golf you should watch the movies "Caddy Shack" and "Caddy Shack 2" it will give you a much better idea on the fun of golf and the fun of good movies!!

  33. Craig says:

    Ball in hole😂😂😂. That was awesome

  34. Will Martin says:

    I've only played one game of golf also, Dasha. 😊 It was the most frustrating experience of my life. 🙁

  35. The Bob Barker fight is so iconic because if you ever watched The Price Is Right while he was the host, you'll see that it's just the sweetest daytime game show that many people grew up watching. Bob Barker was kinda like America's cool grandpa on TV and he hosted that show for like 50+ years or something. So to see him being such a foul-mouthed badass was just so out of the ordinary that it was freaking hilarious.

  36. Golf is rich people a sport because you don’t need that athletic ability to play it. It’s a sport for lazy people. Most get in little motor carts from one hole to another

  37. 1:58 – Dasha, you saying that, about hockey, is about the most Canadian thing that can happen. 😂

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