2023 Discraft Ledgestone Open | R3, F9 | Wysocki, Marwede, Dickerson, White | Gatekeeper Media

Welcome to the 2023 Discraft Ledgestone Open in Peoria, IL. This is a Disc Golf Pro Tour Elite Plus event being held from Aug 3rd – Aug 6th, 2023. Competitors will play 4 rounds splitting between Eureka Temp Course and Northwood Black. The end of the DGPT season is near so every point counts towards qualifying for the DGPT Championship.

Round 3 Chase Card:
Andrew Marwede
Chris Dickerson
Casey White
Ricky Wysocki

Thumbnail Photos by: DGPT (Kevin Huver)

Music by:

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00:00 INTRO
02:11 HOLE 1
07:05 HOLE 2
10:50 HOLE 3
15:55 HOLE 4
19:56 HOLE 5
22:59 HOLE 6
29:35 HOLE 7
32:22 HOLE 8
35:11 HOLE 9
39:50 OUTRO

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17 Replies to “2023 Discraft Ledgestone Open | R3, F9 | Wysocki, Marwede, Dickerson, White | Gatekeeper Media”

  1. Joshua James says:

    Casey White looking like "Small Ulibarri" with that facial hair.

  2. bernan1 says:

    Casey White grew an amateur porn star stache….

  3. Keep up the amazing content!

  4. Jason Esp says:

    Casey White congratulations for being on coverage. You have come a long way

  5. JJB says:

    Gatekeeper killin' it!

  6. Thank you so much Gatekeeper for working hard and getting this material up quickly. We love ya!

  7. This has been a solid coverage, thanks guys!

  8. Casey’s 2nd on 2 was absolutely insane🤯 That’s such a tough angle to hit

  9. Man I wanna see a three day tournament j Northwood

  10. S tier commentary on this one. great insights on shot placement and shape.

  11. mike says:

    I wish you guys covered lead card

  12. Marc Sandias says:

    i have been accused of being a disc golf fanboy… odd given in my sixties… just because i already know results of this round and yet want to watch it and hear commentary of these two that do it epically apparently makes me a fanboy… well, so be it! Marweade a fellow MI dude and the other three players on card are also on my favorite players to watch… such a good Sunday morning

  13. Good to see the king of the Mitten, back on coverage! Marwede!

  14. Eric Knapp says:

    I know that everyone worships at the altar of Jomez, but I prefer Gatekeeper. They get it out in a timely fashion and Nathan is phenomenal. Fish is solid too. It's a better combintation with a play-by-play and color commentary feel. I like the fact that they show the players bag too. More replays of unique and excellent shots would be great. I know it's a little extra work, but it would only add a couple minutes to the finished product. That's what disc golf fans want to see. Keep it up, fellas.

  15. iliv4disc77 says:

    Great to hear Nathan and Andrew well before lunch this morning. Gatekeeper coverage has come through all year for me. Thumbs 👍up!

  16. Lauri Koski says:

    Man it would've been so cool to see Simon and Casey in the same card for 3rd round. But happy to watch both coverages then. Go Simon and Casey!

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