Wait for the handicaps! #goodgood #golf #major

6 Replies to “Wait for the handicaps! #goodgood #golf #major”

  1. Blue Spirit says:

    Golf fashions are clownish. 😂

  2. Bubbie always sounds like he has a speech impediment

  3. angelo media says:

    Bubbie and may should be like 6-8 handicap

  4. the fact that matt just quit in the middle of the round is quite sad

  5. Jim Lahey says:

    I wonder if Bubbie knows how bad of a look the under armor turtle neck under a golf shirt is. It’s like he’s not quite sure what sport he wants to play and can’t commit to a style. You wear golf attire on a golf course. Baseball attire on the diamond. No mix and match. It’s just tacky and tasteless. I swear these guys let 12 year olds pick their clothing. You can tell when a guy has a woman or not. Bubbie def never had a woman telling him “your outfit is dumb” when he’s leaving the house

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