2024 VW Atlas Cross Sport: Half Priced Audi Q8

Today I drive and review a 2024 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport!

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16 Replies to “2024 VW Atlas Cross Sport: Half Priced Audi Q8”

  1. Haris Racic says:

    EVERYTHING GOING TOUCH in new VW’s makes me really upset. What’s wrong with a good dial or knob?!
    Might just stick with my 2014 Tiguan SE until it dies. Damn.

  2. roundtree30 says:

    I was thinking about getting one but the 4cyl is a little too low on power. Test drove it last weekend and it feels like it is struggling. The only thing i would suggest is not to say it is VW's version of the Q8. It may favor but completely different vehicle. Not like the Q8 and a Cayenne, Bentayga, it Urus which are on the same platform.

  3. I bought a new 2018 VW Atlas had have loved it! Still have it. Looking forward to test driving the 2024.

  4. Brumalerie says:

    As I’ve shared to other reviewers, you would be serving a lot of people well if you were the first to post a night time video showing the new interiors and exteriors lighting. Being the first to tag it nighttime Atlas I’m sure when get you many views. Have a great day.

  5. Except for the logo, all I see is the DNA of American cars, not the blood of German cars

  6. I luv my 2023 Crossport. This 2024 is nice also. I always honk at my VW family of cars, SUV’s when on the road👋🏾

  7. As someone with OCD, that piano black key fob would drive me crazy trying to keep the fingerprints off. I’d have to keep the plastic protective film on! They need to use piano black sparingly or at least in places where fingers aren’t anywhere nearby. Otherwise, looks like a nice car, so thanks for the review!

  8. jay czyzyk says:

    Nice review bad company poor reliability quality control

  9. My favorite VW product I want to buy Ben.

  10. Mihail Gurlo says:

    Waiting for new Tiguan with the same engine.

  11. Eric C Hill says:

    We understand that you have to do all models and brands that you can get your hands on; but let's be honest VW is a nice wrapper around a reliability black hole. Unless you have double money to burn, both when you make the overpriced purchase and then again in maintenance and repairs. And even while still under warranty, time and hassle are money, and so is getting stranded. Pretty but dangerous, kinda like alot of people

  12. Brumalerie says:

    Fingers crossed for a nighttime review showing off the new exterior and interior lights. Thanks for putting together first class videos. Very much appreciated.

  13. Brumalerie says:

    Thank you so much for this homie! 🎉😊

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