‘The View’ Co-Host Behar Angry After Panel Ridicules Her for Previously Falling Off Chair

‘The View’ Co-Host Behar Angry After Panel Ridicules Her for Previously Falling Off Chair

Tensions rise on “The View” as co-host Joy Behar clashes with colleagues over her past chair fall incident. Whoopi Goldberg and Behar engage in a spirited exchange, with Goldberg playfully teasing Behar’s explanation. The show also addresses Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s stance on African American history education, sparking a passionate debate among the co-hosts. “The View” continues to mix personal dynamics with important societal discussions.

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9 Replies to “‘The View’ Co-Host Behar Angry After Panel Ridicules Her for Previously Falling Off Chair”

  1. Darc Raven says:

    They hate each other, and try to put on a happy face, that is a twisted mess from constant lies and hateful living.

  2. Ralfie says:

    She says her backside missed the chair, I think a lot of others would say she missed the chair and planted her face on the floor.

  3. How do you teach a pig to sit on a chair???

  4. Ruth says:

    Stow it would you please!
    Just shut it, zip it and keep it that way

  5. V H says:

    All of them are fake & dramatic. Sonny always acts like she has serious issues to talk about & she is the only one that’s smart enough to discuss them because she is a “CNN LAWYER “ what a joke! … she’s rude & dramatic. The big Whopper knows absolutely nothing, she right there along with the red head that should be called dip stick. The pretender republican should just be called Rhino she is liberal through and through. I cannot stand any of them.

  6. Joe Smith says:


  7. I think they need to take these witches off the air😂

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