Day in the Life at Stanford | Michael Thorbjornsen | No. 1 in PGA TOUR University

Stanford senior Michael Thorbjornsen has already made a name for himself, having won the Pac-12 Conference Championship in 2023 and finishing top-five in a PGA TOUR event at the 2022 Travelers Championship. Thorbjornsen is No. 1 in PGA TOUR University’s first ranking for the Class of 2024.


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40 Replies to “Day in the Life at Stanford | Michael Thorbjornsen | No. 1 in PGA TOUR University”

  1. Does he have a 10 finger grip?

  2. Mitchell Mah says:

    love seeing this!
    the grind never stops!

  3. I remember when I was in college.

  4. David Bozic says:

    Stanford should give more awards to the AZOV Battalion.😺

  5. Anponomo says:

    I know this guy, he goes to my club, he's so chill yet so ambitious!

  6. FanRanker says:

    Karl needs more love. He is gonna be a beast on the PGA Tour

  7. Michael Goss says:

    Bad luck to be making youtube videos 9:11.

  8. Sam LeBlanc says:

    Talent? Yes! Will he ever be world no 1? Very, VERY unlikely.
    More realistically he won’t ever even win any major PGA Tour event

  9. Flight says:

    college makes no sense for aspiring pro golfers. michael shouldve turn pro at 17

  10. RedLeader says:

    all that hype, scary comments, then injury 😬

  11. It’s exactly like this in the UK! 😂

  12. chris younce says:

    Watch out…Hello World!

  13. jim gavin says:

    Enjoyed this, I’ve watched Karl for a few years with his dads videos.

  14. Nathan J says:

    Watched him win the Pac 12 tournament earlier this year and was blown away with his game! No different than the pros

  15. Jn336 says:

    #1 in the world???…..LMAO!!!😂.

  16. Stew Boat says:

    What a special comment from Michael's friend who said he tries hard in the classroom and on the course. Excellence

  17. Mikey Choi says:

    How tf does the pga youtube channel not get more views on videos like these. They make such great content…

  18. Lucas Carman says:

    I think it's pretty funny that they spelled cumulative wrong in the scorecard for the GPA stat lmao

  19. Lucas Carman says:

    Cool to see Karl Vilips pop in here. Didn't know they were at school together. I remember watching Karl when he was a little kid on youtube haha

  20. Iarla Burke says:

    He sounds exactly like Garrett Clark from Good Good

  21. Lucas Bird says:

    You literally give me so much hope 😊, I’m in year 9 (14 yrs old) I really want to go pro golf, you have given me a lot of confidence 😊

  22. Bill Gabriel says:

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  23. Brian Binnie says:

    I remember Karl from his dads videos.

  24. SpatialGuy says:

    I saw you in the Travellers, I knew you rated by Stanford but not much else, and the first thing I said was “Who’s that guy disrespecting the game with no collar” FYI MichaelOwen🇦🇺

  25. Mike S says:

    You forgot to add a quick little Linden Store deli sandwich!

  26. Kyle Clayton says:

    We need a video like this but of Hazen Newman Oklahoma State University-senior

  27. jack litz says:

    Seems like a great person he’ll do great out on the PGA I’m sure he’ll win some majors I see his career going pretty similar to someone like Jon Rahm

  28. jack litz says:

    He’ll be a stand out on the PGA tour soon

  29. Jkbone says:

    Go to LIV bruh

  30. Joe Matties says:

    already ignoring fans with their hands out

  31. Dezhavu says:

    I envy much👍👍👍

  32. Daniel Koss says:

    Can’t wait to see Michael and Karl on the PGA Tour!

  33. B W says:

    Love this series

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