3 iron vs 5 Wood Which One is BEST?

Should you carry a 3 iron or a 5 wood? Know which one is right for you.

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30 Replies to “3 iron vs 5 Wood Which One is BEST?”

  1. The manufacturers have really mislead us, IMO, with the jacked lofts. This season I have 300 forged in the bag with the shorter irons bent weak. So 3-49* PW. Plus I can still play 56/60 AND a 5w AND a 3w driver, and putter. The new crap is set up so you have to play a gap and the lofts are too close 4-G, IMO. I really enjoyed your video on the bag setup…

  2. "A real entrepreneur is somebody who has no safety net underneath them." _Henry Kravis

  3. I think you should use what's right for your swing speed.

  4. 1976axerhand says:

    Fw are better, my 7 wood goes 200 yards.

  5. J L says:

    DON'T EVER call it a 5 metal.. It's a 5 WOOD.
    By saying 5 metal you will confuse new golfers.
    It's a wood, and it will ALWAYS be called a wood..
    So stop saying 5 metal.. It's not a 5 metal…
    a 5 Iron would be a 5 Metal,..
    a 5 Wood is a 5 WOOD.
    Woods, Hybrids, Irons, Putters… That's It.
    Keep It Simple.

  6. ncnoman says:

    unrelated to this vid, but thank you Mr Short Game… my wife pulled me out to our backyard net to show me her "new" full swing, she's very new to golf but i asked her what she did to get such a huge improvement in one day (went from swinging like a girl – no offense anyone – to swinging like a golfer!) and she said it was from watching one of your vids! thank you MSG for the awesome content; you may have just saved my marriage😅.

  7. Steve YB says:

    How about 5 wood vs 3 hybrid…?

  8. chris h says:

    Why compromise? With the new rules, we can have up to 18 clubs. I have driver, 3 wood, 18° 3 hybrid, 18° 3 iron, 21.5° 4 iron and on down to my 60° lob wedge. The putter rounds out 15 clubs.

  9. Pitt Imps says:

    5 wood. I stripe my fairway woods. I’m terrible with long irons. Simple decision.

  10. Tommy Eden says:

    Well I am weird I guess, I have a 2i, a 3H and a 3W, though I am thinking one has to leave the bag I just can't decide what I hit better. Need to get a look at my average angle of attack I guess, great stuff as always.

  11. fretless 5 says:

    I actually replaced my 4i with a 5W. For me, it was all about club-head speed (or lack of it) and gapping. My 4i just didn't go enough longer than my 5i and the 5W was just easier to hit at a good distance to bridge the gap between the irons and 3W.

  12. Len S says:

    Just added a 7 wood , as a senior golfer it helps tremendously ! My lowest iron is now the 5.

  13. Hey MSG, should you have compared the 3 iron with a 3 hybrid? You’re hitting the 5 wood 30 yds further than the 3 iron. What about distance gapping.

  14. Llama says:

    Recently saw your video for the "Rule of 3's" and tried it out on the course today. Shot a 71 and broke par for the first time ever! Thanks a ton for the help!

  15. VitaminD says:

    I have both a 3 hybrid and 5 wood, best decision I ever made. Now, I have both a 5 wood and 3 hybrid which some might say is a waste of space because the yardages are almost the same but I love it. My 5 wood is great off the tee and fairway. The 3 hybrid is going about the same distance but it launches great out of the rough. Basically I use my 5 wood when I have a clean lie and my 3 hybrid is the rough “get out of jail” card. Also, my 5 wood is great for high launch but if I need to keep the ball down for a punch or out of the wind I grab the 3 hybrid.

  16. sfink16 says:

    I'll have to try a 5 wood. Currently I use a 3 and 4 hybrid, and a 3 wood. 40 years ago I used to use a 1 iron off the tee, 2 iron, and 3 iron. I lost a lot of distance over the years.

  17. greg schulte says:

    not a good comparison as the 5 wood is much longer (distance) – maybe a 7 wood would be a better comparison.

  18. Taro says:

    Just got my G430 5 wood in and it’s amazing. Launches super high and lands soft. 220-235 club

  19. For a scratch golfer, like me, I’d rather have a four driving iron and a two hybrid

  20. I must be indecisive. I have 4i , 3h, 3w. I wanted something that was easier, more comfortable, out of rough lies but would still get some height.

  21. DEEPROT says:

    3 iron for me

  22. Jamie Sloan says:

    I play weak lofted irons. I carry a 3i, and a 5w. About a 15 yard distance gap for me. Which is perfect.

  23. Keaton Brown says:

    I have both in my bag. My 3 iron is about 3 degrees weaker than my 5 wood. My 3 iron is about 21* but my 5 wood is about 18*

  24. I have a 3 hybrid sooo both I guess?

  25. For a lower handicap golfer, none of the above. 2-iron driving iron is the ultimate choice.

  26. Ticer Boska says:

    I thought 3iron is closer to 7wood not 5wood on distance?

  27. You lost me halfway with horrible advice 😂

  28. Chris Drew says:


    I play up to a 3 iron ( I strike irons so much better than fairway wood/ hybrid) but what are my options to cover the gap between 3 iron and driver ?

    I have no problem with 3 wood off a tee peg but really can get elevation or direction control off the deck

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