Don't Do This with Your Golf Club EVER! #shorts

Don’t ever throw your golf club.

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8 Replies to “Don't Do This with Your Golf Club EVER! #shorts”

  1. Mike Turner says:

    Don't take your shity play out on your clubs

  2. Deron Burrus says:

    You don't wear that outfit out in public do you?

  3. I’ve seen way too many people snap em over the knee. My favorite response to a bad shot is a shot from the ole flask

  4. I just pull a ball out of my pocket and toss it down, line up and try again. Then, after the 2nd failed attempt, get a longer club.

  5. Ed Heinig says:

    It's not the clubs fault.

  6. Trouty 5000 says:

    Nope clubs are way too expensive to be tossing them these days.

  7. Qwinn says:

    Tale as old as time. Lol

  8. choKlitcow says:

    Hes right i tore my bilateral quadrisateral anterior crucial medial meniscus doing that

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