Bradley Martyn vs Brendan Schaub in a Street Fight, Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz Predictions










25 Replies to “Bradley Martyn vs Brendan Schaub in a Street Fight, Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz Predictions”

  1. SquatYot says:

    Brad we want you to ask this question to every single guest that walk in there 😂

  2. Oda Smith says:

    Bradly just call out jon bones jones in a street fight no rules so we dont have to hear or see yu anymore

  3. Joeyclubbin says:

    He is trying to Paul brothers his way to some $$

  4. shauny sins says:

    Brendan isn’t beating anyone up. He thinks it’s obvious he would win because he “trained his whole life.” You’re not doing shit

  5. LOMAX says:

    trying to bearhug any trained fighter will lead to brain damage

  6. Cmon Man says:

    “i love this” cap

  7. Ghost says:

    So Brendan was in the UFC and I get the trolling from Brad but elite fighters aren’t worse when there are less rules. It’s an odd conversation.

  8. Rain Chazzer says:

    Look man check out Paul Valerans vs Igor Vovchanchyn and you will understand how size wont get you the win.

    Paul was a 6'8" 340lbs football player/ fighter who did boxing, judo and wrestling as Igor was a 5'8" 205lb fighter (kick boxing and sambo) but was a beast and he destroyed that giant. The fighting talent gap between you and Demetrious Johnson is way worse than that one.

    Also would suggest Bob Sapp vs Crocop or Fedor vs Hongman Choi

  9. Bradley I’m down for that fight. Can we get the Jake Paul media machine behind it?

  10. The YouTube fights gets more eyes

    But just look at us as a society.

    Im making a comment while watch to men sitting around like lady’s just talking about something/nothing/everything.

    YouTuber gets more eyes because YouTube takes more souls

  11. 619 Boxing says:

    let’s count how many times this Bozo lies in 90 minutes

  12. Why don't he just try to fight a lightweight guy in the octagon, Pride FC style, where you can kick a downed opponent… that is like the closest thing we can get to a street fight… unless he's talking about dirty fight where you can get a hold of a chair or throw a rock or something.. mma fight is as fair as it gets.. and also, i think everyone forgets that fighting is never an absolute thing.. anyone has a chance to win a fight against anyone… With Devin Haney, I'm gonna say it's a fifty-fifty chance.. haney is one of the most skilled boxer, but boxing is just that, and street fight can go thousands different ways.. but with DJ, it's like ninety-ten chance for DJ…

  13. Nater187 says:

    I like Brad, but Devin Haney needs to piece this dude up.

  14. Eric Ryan says:

    If you think Devin has the advantage in a street fight you're delusional lol, the mma fighters Brad's done but Devin cmon now…

  15. John Kelley says:

    straight up good ass vibes

  16. Kyle Dag says:

    This might not be a popular option but I don't think Bradley Martin can Nate Diaz…

  17. Kee says:

    Brad, you're not an athlete. You slow asf.

  18. This is the Brendan from 7-8 years ago….miss this guy

  19. Mark Clans says:

    It’s surprising that he has no experience at all – they don’t need to be elite

  20. Jzpat says:

    22:45 There is a delusion with Schaub when he said “it’s like when I see a comedian in a room I can be like thank god I can talk to you” … almost all the comedians talk shit about Schaub.. he has to know that..

  21. Sam Stokes says:

    Bros hands looks baby bottom soft

  22. Kaniala says:

    But bradley is way more alpha than thor. Thor is stiff a.f and a man child. Bradley would wreck him and demetrious johnson at the same time.

  23. Joe Schmoe says:

    Brendan could atleast spar with him for content

  24. lilgrem24 says:

    No one is going to street fight him cuz they'll catch a case…..he should go in the ring if he thinks he's that tough

  25. Lifting weights doesnt mean you can flight lol Brad would get tapped by teenagers who are white belts all day if he went to a Jiu Jitsu class

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