Jay Monahan is Back with a Shocking Memo to the PGA Tour!

Jay Monahan returns after a month away and drop a memo with some major points to the new PGA Tour.

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31 Replies to “Jay Monahan is Back with a Shocking Memo to the PGA Tour!”

  1. I wonder if the stars that stayed have to give back the PIP money they were given.

  2. KD Z says:

    He was getting treated for a$$holeitis.

  3. My parents almost invested heavily into Starbucks apple and Amazon. I hope they get compensation soon

  4. silverfishla says:

    I'd be so happy if I could get my balls to perform like they did in the 1990's…

  5. Tim OConnor says:

    I agree the pathway back into the PGA is not automatic, unless you are a player ranked in the top 100, or top 50, to make those guys qualify just looks like sour grapes.

  6. Mark K says:

    My thoughts…hmm…No compensation…too bad so sad. Path back from LIV to PGA…use valid exemptions or Q school…you left earn your way back. Ball roll back…umm…NO. About "opening the books" on the part of the PGA…they absolutely should…they tout the tour is run by the players…sooooo…let the players see the books.

  7. He didn’t leave…. But he did liv…..

  8. Victor says:

    I heard he was suffering from hypocrisy

  9. PGA Liv merger was known by PGA executives and even Liv golfers. PGA executives lied to top tour players for leverage. Corporations care about making money, and that's it. Our golf super heros are just their employees.

  10. I seem to remember something about them being independent contractors……

  11. Dave Eklund says:

    Who even wants to come back to the PGAT? I keep hearing things about guys coming back and I’m wondering WHY would they want to come back? In addition not one player has even hinted they want back on TOUR.

  12. Mike Cunha says:

    I said it before ,and I'll say it again,the equipment is the problem not the damn ball

  13. Mike Cunha says:

    Agree,back to Q school,greedy fkers..

  14. Who says LIV players want to come back ?

  15. Rumble2372 says:

    Pga tour will be the minor leagues for LiV. The majority of the LIV guys don't want back on the PGA tour.

  16. Coo Bay says:

    I haven't heard one LIV player say they wanted to come back to the PGA Tour. Not one. So I don't see any of them agreeing to pay a fine to come back.

  17. VPF says:

    Always follow the money- Definitely need a re-qualifying system- no one is talking about the journeymen golfers trying so hard to get in, you can't just have an "ol' boys club" It is not fair. You need to earn a place on the Tour. This is all just another form of a bailout whether money or easy path back – They would never do this for the journeyman golfer who made a bad business decision only the elite. Sound familiar?

  18. jimbo james says:

    He underwent exploratory surgery to find his balls and brains !🤣

  19. The vulgarity of greed depresses me. I prefer watching/supporting the LPGA, then I see Aramco sponsors it…. professional sport is lost.
    What do these pros teach their kids?……. selective integrity?…….

  20. I just wanted to say I don't watch a lot of Golfing Podcast but you do an exceptional job on delivering the information in a meaningful, fun and informative manner. You're accurate, you do your homework, you don't guess, well you do, but they're good guesses. Your lighting, audio and set is good, you could always dress it up a little more in the background so there's more depth of field for the camera. You would do really well with some one-on-one player interviews because you're not a brash, but you ask a tough question if needed. Again great job, I don't like the guys who are yelling on Youtube, at "me" I don't need anyone yelling thinking they're great, they are NOT. Keep it going! Best Regards.

  21. golf007sd2 says:

    The professional golfer that LEFT the PGA Tour…left because they DID NOT like the PGA Tour structure and its operation. So why the hell would they want to go back? F the PGA Tour…F Jay…worthless POS lying ass! As for his move on the ball roll back…once again, he has ZERO authority in such a move by the R&A and USGA. It all falls under their authority. Jay is just blowing smoke up the PGA Tour players ass.

  22. Lemon Eleven says:

    How is compensation for the guys who didnt take liv money ridiculous? You lost anyone in 9/11?

  23. Dan Wesson says:

    No, more like Jay M is appointing Jason Gore to be the man who takes the heat when the players can never agree on requalification and compensation after the merger. He becomes thw next Jay Monaham puppet like Rory is and was.

  24. Sluggo says:

    Pathway should be pay back all the money and go through Q-School.

  25. Teej_Fader says:

    “They don’t want to open the books…” Nailed it, bro.

  26. Sluggo says:

    Thought LIV wanted a shorter schedule to have more time off to be with family? Actually they just wanted the money and to be able to come back to PGA. That is a direct insult to all the players in PGA. Definitely agree players should not get paid for not going to LIV but also believe LIV players should not be allowed back unless they pay everything back.

  27. I wonder how many want to return?

  28. Travis Weide says:

    If they were talked into staying by the same person who helped the merge… they need to be compensated or sue

  29. Maverick says:

    Starting to sound like a government agency. Complete circus

  30. The PGAT lost its virginity when it signed the agreement with PIF. They no longer have the moral high ground nor any meaningful leverage. They will have to give LIV World Ranking Points or it will go its own way and buy the very best players from the PGAT. If this happens, the Majors will go to an Invitational format to get the best players in their tournaments. Hey, today we have Franchise players in the NFL, the National League plays American League teams during the regular season – they have learned how to do whats best for the game.
    The PGAT is the poor relation who's shown up for Thanksgiving dinner .
    They should just say…. Thank You.

  31. Warren Cole says:

    The PGA tour is boring and the fans are on average 30+ years older than LIV fans. LIV attracts young fans and because of that it is the future of golf.

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