A Simple Drill to Shallow the Club in Transition

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In today’s lesson we are going to take a look at how to shallow the club in transition in your golf swing. This is perhaps the single most important technique you can master, and is absolutely crucial for distance, accuracy, and consistency… in other words it’s a huge deal!

I’ll show you my favorite drill to help you learn this technique… it’s one I’ve had a ton of success with in my student lessons.

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20 Replies to “A Simple Drill to Shallow the Club in Transition”

  1. Anup Bendre says:

    Hello Zach, I am a Ballstriking Blueprint member and have really enjoyed your instruction. However I am having difficulties marrying the concept of shallowing the club and coming under and around the ball (as you detail in your Simple Swing videos) while keeping weight foward on the front foot/heel and pivoting with the hips through the shot. I find that concentrating on the former two gives the tendency to keep my weight back and I hit behind the ball. Can you give me any pointers on marrying those concepts? Thank you!

  2. When I do this the face
    Is always open at impact. Ideas?

  3. chm97chm97 says:

    That's good stuff

  4. Barking_Mad says:

    Doing this move whilst hitting balls is mentally hard. Best advice I can say is really be loose. Relax your grip and arms as much as possible.

    Just trust you'll find the ball at the bottom because it feels like it will never happen.

    My ball striking has never been better. I've no idea how, as it feels ridiculous…

  5. Rick Metzger says:

    just Irons? or Driver ? Hybrids?

  6. Shallow is t automatic and natural.
    If you manipulate, you are dead..
    Please stop make so compliquated.

  7. pigslefats says:

    The problem with this is it opens the face. The momentum of the move presents the heel of the lead hand to the target. How do you reverse this move in an instant to end up presenting the back of the lead hand to the target at impact?

  8. m0delgado616 says:

    Great video! The only thing I disagree with is how does anyone discuss the “greatest ballstrikers” ever without mentioning Tiger Woods. Sure, he probably tinkered with his swing a bit more than necessary and screwed up what was arguably the greatest golfing physique of all time by bulking up with weight training, but watch a pro tracer video of him on the driving range. Absolutely pures everything and controls shot shape and trajectory at will. Watch a slow motion video of his swing, the tracer ones that track the club head path on the backswing/downswing and then follow the ball after impact. His club head comes right back down on the same line in the downswing, which is insane!

  9. Fantastic. Thanks so much Zach!

  10. It has been a game/life changer Zack , thanks GB

  11. Nice tip and drill. I've noticed Jordan Spieth does it all the time.👍

  12. James Craven says:

    Great reminder. Thanks

  13. Nelson James says:

    The thing is, you’re either connected in the swing or you’re not, simple as that. If you’re connected, the club will shallow naturally. If you physically try to drop your arms you can’t be connected; it’ll only cause confusion. It’s more of a feel than a move.

  14. Steven G says:

    Hi Zach, how does this relate to Manzella's 'tumble' or Malaska's 'tipping' which seems opposite of this?

  15. Like hiting like a hammer

  16. Roger Steves says:

    In my opinion this is the magic move in the golf swing. You did a great job of explaining the mechanics and then demonstrating. Not enough out there about this.

  17. Ken Terlau says:

    Another great program my friend. Be well.

  18. I totally agree, I have already been working on keeping the club behind an imaginary vertical line on down swing until the club head is parallel with ground , then rotate through….shot 84 on Killeen Killarney , minus my 14 hcap,
    This drill definitely works!

  19. Val Edwards says:

    Excellent video. I agree with your top 3. Knudsen 4

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