KVV goes through the Titleist club fitting process

The newest member of the NLU team, Kevin Van Valkenburg, had a chance to go through a full bag fitting with Nick Geyer from our partner Titleist.

Here’s what the process looked like.

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44 Replies to “KVV goes through the Titleist club fitting process”

  1. Ross Andrew says:

    The lad KVV sure lumps the ball

  2. KVV, a man of many words, rendered speechless by a hybrid.

  3. KVV slaps it like Old Tom, twirls it like Tony, and sheaths it like Spieth. He’s all the wiser from playing with too many Icaritos—he knows swinging out of his shorts won’t cut it. And yet he’s youthful (he tried blades). It’s a cocktail of pragmatism and youthful abandon. Like Old Tom Morris with fresh Vokeys.

  4. Club fitting videos are great! It’s seeing the tools of the trade being made for each person. Also shows just how different everyone is. No one size fits all fittings.

  5. Come back to Iowa. Trying to see Big Randy and co play my home course of Waveland again.

  6. Brian Drake says:

    “When I’m flushing it, I don’t take divots.” -the Cat to Scottie

  7. Just ran a QR scanner over the divot pattern and got taken to the NLU pro shop. Guerrilla marketing is back!

  8. Mike Stengel says:

    Mesmerized by KVV footwork… Kevie Meh-ffler.

  9. Thin Seller says:

    KVV's divot pattern is about as connected as a kibbutz

  10. Tate Laing says:

    Will 14 new clubs help KVV ascend from an NLU Mule to mini pony? My heart says yes but his divot pattern is telling me no.

  11. KVV is about to be the inkiest mule skinner in all of golf history with the new bag. Watch out Big Tone……

  12. Greg Winter says:

    KVV was strapping that driver like TSR stands for “Transcendent Saint Rappeo”

  13. Logan Martin says:

    The best news coming out of this fitting is that KVV finally figured out his “ball dynamics”. Climb every mountain, brother.

  14. Logan Martin says:

    The best news coming out of this fitting is that KVV finally figured out his “ball dynamics”. Climb every mountain, brother.

  15. Logan Martin says:

    The best news coming out of this fitting is that KVV finally figured out his “ball dynamics”. Climb every mountain, brother.

  16. TGN says:

    Titleist has just created the next great Saturday Nassau mini pony

  17. Mitchel S says:

    KVV your the Doug Heffernan of over the top hacks.

  18. Could this be described as inky? Maybe left handed inky..

  19. BayouJeaux says:

    Expected more of the Rory high pitch squeal from KVV after seeing that swing speed..

  20. John Koziol says:

    Definitely getting Snoop buying a nail gun vibes. KVV is set now. No more dead batteries. Titleist. Cadillac.

    He meant Lexus, but he ain't know it.

  21. Clayton P. says:

    Titleist is the Old bay KVV needed to to sprinkle on his Skanky quick tempoed swing!

  22. Swing path more left than his politics.

  23. Brandon Fair says:

    I loved Nick’s cameo in Saving Private Ryan:


  24. Brandon Fair says:


    KVV got that Cooper/Gaga swing: far from the shallow.

  25. CaptSlice says:

    Scorched Earth Divots: brought to you by Titleist by KVV

  26. Working class man desecrates the playground of the pros with skanky swing. Man of the people!

  27. Nick at Titleist demonstrating how you can't polish a turd, but you can roll it in glitter and make it much prettier……!!

    Top golfing KVV.

  28. Fireman or Plumber? Truly a who could say situation.

  29. Not sure which is more harsh. Neils hair from Strapped Reno or KVV’s divot pattern. A real who could say situation

  30. Andrew Long says:

    KVV – Killing Various V1s

  31. kkrup71 says:

    I didn't know you guys got the rights to Holes!…

  32. scendros says:

    JT and King Charles B share joint custody of KVV’s Aim, Pivot, Lift.

  33. KVV’s divot pattern looking like the surface of the moon.. hits it solid though.

  34. Mike Crowder says:

    "I'm gonna push" = "dude, I do this every day…eat what I'm cooking okay?"

  35. Does KVV use the wayward left pose when he flushes one at the pin? Can we get an edit of the logo with the right hand in a slight fist pump?

    Keep up the good work! Loving the content

  36. jake oliver says:

    Nick might have to go out to Jamaica for the retreat after that one.

  37. NLU crew, if this comment wins the driver fitting, I promise to transfer my new TSR immediately into my right hand after every swing in honor of KVV and never club twirl like soly 😂

  38. Ryan Seaford says:

    I NEED that hoodie that the fitter has on…

  39. Hilarious, look at the way he’s standing!! … 12:33 – Like, like, like, smooshed then trampolined, versus “spanked” with the new driver. Precision terminology here KVV! Way to tattoo those drives. That’s like 400 yards!! 🎉😂😮

  40. Joel Howard says:

    Titleists will make any uncle an unkie

  41. EOIN MURPHY says:

    KVV going for a hail Mary asking for blades and watching his heart break like Ralph Wiggum when the fitter gives him a hard "No".

  42. aim at Rush Limbaugh, swing at Rachel Maddow.

  43. Sam Levin says:

    Thought this was a Bryson fitting. Where are the jumbo max grips and one length irons?

  44. Question, how does this driver play off the crown and the bottom grooves?

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