An Addon Like No Other! | A2A Comanche 250 | Full Review | Microsoft Flight Simulator

In this video, we carry out a full review of the A2A Comanche 250, within Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS).

We will take the aircraft on an IFR hop, along the United States’ eastern coast, from Hudson Valley Regional (KPOU), over to Block Island (KBID).

Please note this video and all its contents / materials, is for entertainment / simulation purposes only.

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PC Specs

Intel Core i9 13900K 5.8GHz
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090
64GB DDR4 2666MHz


Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog
Saitek Pro Flight rudder pedals
HP Reverb WMR headset
Earthquake Shell Shoxx transducer

Enjoy the flight!


50 Replies to “An Addon Like No Other! | A2A Comanche 250 | Full Review | Microsoft Flight Simulator”

  1. Thank you for reviewing the Comanche 250. Impressive flight and enjoyed the commentary. BTW, you can remove the pilot by opening the door and click on the anti slip black portion of the wing or going on the walk around. Time acceleration isn’t currently supported but we do plan to support it in the future. Also fair point on the downloads, it makes sense thinking about it to just make that unlimited. Thanks again for the feedback, both praise and criticism.

  2. Brilliant as always 👍 In the same way aircraft such as this one sets the bar, your reviews do. Maybe the time has come to let the PMDG 737 rest for a while and do some GA hopping 😊

  3. Luke Casten says:

    Нет слов, просто потрясающе

  4. Where can i order this?

  5. hobanagerik says:

    As a selling point, I would say if you are struggling with crosswind landings, and takeoffs, and find yourself skewing about on the runway, get this, and immediately reevaluate your skills. And also learn some new skills needed, like actually needing to turn into the wind after landing to keep the upwind wing down. A superb plane, and highly recommended.

  6. hobanagerik says:

    One minor fault with it is the animation of the yokes. They aren’t as smooth as other planes, such as the Asobo default 172.

  7. MrSunlander says:

    So, we can set our own registration per the sim? Yay! Love those trees at the end of 28…..yikes!

  8. Skyhawk _452 says:

    I loved A2A back in the FSX/P3D days. Now I wish they'd bring back their Piper J-3 Cub for MSFS. It was one of my favorite addons with the simulated hand-propping to start the engine.

  9. Sean says:

    A2A has never played around all the way back to the FSX days.

  10. Ghost21 says:

    What's the service ceiling of this model?

  11. Looking forward to buying this! Bit skint at the minute! Great review.

  12. Hi from Dublin Ireland 🇮🇪 Wow this is totally brilliant magnificent flying 🛫and brilliant scenery

  13. Thesixthgoon says:

    I noticed before you took off the tablet was reading temp in the cockpit in C and not F. How do you change that? My tablet is stuck in F.

  14. A2A you are amazing please make it quality any business jet i'm ready to buy this for 100$

  15. will this be coming to xbox?

  16. Mike Coffee says:

    uh oh here we go always must hide my wallet when watching any review by ITBS. The reviews I trust always Thank You

  17. The Basic says:

    May i ask is this vatsim or some atc addon?

  18. Is there a way to change the ASI to knots?

  19. Centurion says:

    Excellent review of an excellent aircraft
    Well done to A2A and to ITB 😊👍

  20. Dreambound. says:

    Man this is a lovely plane. Excellent detail all around the machine. Seems like it's definitely worth a buy – for myself as well.
    Really love all the features of the engine management. Looks really satisfying. Sounds satisfying too – nice crisp sounds.

    Now who do I need to bribe at A2A to also get a PC-6 Turbo Porter with the same quality?

    As always thank you for the review!

  21. Harald says:

    How does dit compare to the excellent Milviz C310 and Flysimware C414?

  22. David H says:

    Nice review! I remember this in FSX, you had to purchase the GTN separately then, nice to see its included. They did this level 15 or so years ago and looks like they have achieved the same level in MSFS. Good standard for others to follow.

  23. Melon Lord says:

    Waffler11's liveries for the Comanche are awesome.

  24. Dan Morand says:

    I've owned the plane across two sims already so not likely to buy it again for MSFS. That said, A2A really just "gets it" when it comes to delivering a top notch sim flight experience. I'd surely buy the T-6 Texan if they bring it to MSFS. Or the military turboprop trainer they wanted to bring in. Good review, as always.

  25. Tomas says:

    I have one big problem with this aircraft. It makes half of my hangar obsolete. Why should I fly any other slowish casual GA plane, when I have this?

  26. Gary Smith says:

    Attention to detail, oh yes! It just doesn't stop. For example, put yourself into a nice cruise, make sure the headphones aren't connected, operate the cabin vents under copilot yoke and/or on the side panels. 💨

  27. This is astonishing. thank you for this detailed review.

  28. Exactly the kind or nerdy attention to detail I like. As a non real pilot, i love to learn new things and this fits my around Europe trip perfectly
    Hope it is vr friendly 😊

  29. Great plane and worth the wait. Now, if they come out with the Cherokee 180 they had in other sims, I can relive my youth.

  30. The sound of the wheels and suspension during taxi!
    The metallic "thunk" from the wing spar(?) when you get hit by a gust!
    Actually being able to tell an engine fault from the sound + all the other great little details. Not to mention the great handling that seems to avoid the usual msfs problems.

    I'm an A2A newb but I see what the fuss is about.

    I'd have to say the external visuals aren't the best, noticeable because the rest is so good.

    I think this might actually save me some money, because I won't be looking for "the" piston single any more.

  31. Jeff Hiew says:

    Nice tutorial on the comanche. I've a question, how do we fly the comanche in Garmin GPS mode?

  32. FlightlineVR says:

    It's more indept than PMDG aircraft and in the same league as the Hot Start products for X-Plane 11/12.

  33. Danko05 says:

    Great video and great addon from what I saw.

  34. GeeBee2 says:

    Great video, as always. I was waiting for your review, I have seen a lot of other reviewers getting really excited about this plane and I wanted to see what your opinion was, your reviews are always balanced and objective. Thank you for a fantastic review and now I'm off to spend 40 quid! 😁

  35. Yo IBS …

    Do you think it needs constant rudder trim in climb and cruise ?

    And BTW… did you lean it down at 5000ft ? 😊

  36. Marc Aurel says:

    The A2A hype is real. Thanks for your review (tbh, it's been a while since I watched one of your reviews to the end, mainly because of limited interest in many of the planes you reviewed recently, also because I generally don't like when developers hand out review copies before release, for personal reasons).
    You mentioned the download limit in the A2A store as a negative. If people have an issue with that (I don't, I've never used up all my downloads, and I trust that developers using this system, like MilViz (Blackbird) or A2A, would reset the counter if necessary), they could just wait until the product is available from another store with a different policy. I think it would be fair to mention the other side of the issue: with A2A planes you don't have to worry about serial numbers or DRM. Unpack, install, and you're done. They don't punish paying customers for the misdeeds of others.
    Regarding running the audio helper manually, as I understand it, the main reason for this happening is that MSFS fails to read the exe.xml fully because some other add-on introduced a syntax error in the XML, and MSFS only parsed the file up to that point. Checking the file (there are XML validators online) and perhaps fixing that syntax error should resolve the issue for most people.

  37. I got it Day One… but am disappointed by the very dull, Matte paint finish.

    Would like to see a shinier… more reflective finish.

    But that's my only issue. ❤

  38. Erik Piussi says:

    What’s the difference betalen the Free 750 and the payware 750xi?

  39. The commanche isnt my fav looking plane, and wasnt gonna buy, but 10 minutes in im sold… oh an thanks for the bankruptcy itb, standard behavior ive come to expect from watching ur vids 😂

  40. Stephen Bull says:

    Been waiting for A2A to join the roster in MSFS since day one. They have not disappointed and demonstrated can be achieved and what we can now expect from this simulator.

    One fun thing I would like to see is a having a “Rental” option whereby you are flying a used aircraft that may have 1,2 or 3 faults with it. Assuming you do the walkaround and pre-flight checks properly you should pick these up. If not, if the fault causes a crash, you get an NTSB report showing the cause of the crash. Maybe in 2024 ? 😀

  41. Coenraad says:

    Thanks for another amazing review. This one definetely will end up in the hangar at some point after vacation.

  42. Great video – you're as enthusiastic about A2A as I am. I was hoping you'd demo if the Headphone jack cut the engine/ enviro sounds as they did in FSX/ P3D.

  43. SloppyDog says:

    Great review. A2A is in a class of its own. And what about those ATC chat sounds? Is it a mod for MSFS?

  44. A2A have happily re-activated my download limit in years gone by so that shouldn't be an issue.

  45. Jon Sleeper says:

    Would it be considered heresy in the flight sim community to want a modern GA aircraft like the DA-62 done to this level of detail? For some reason the community seems very averse to glass cockpits, GPS, and modern autopilots.

  46. Das Flugzeug ist zwar interessant, aber das Original ist in Deutschland bedeutungslos. Es wird den Freaks vorbehalten sein, sie zu kaufen und zu nutzen.

  47. 0 6 L says:

    I agree with your conclusion as always! My quick and easy way to check the realism of an aircraft's mass and inertia on MSFS, is to look at the compression of the landing gear suspension on touchdown and the Comanche from A2A Simulation reproduces the physics quite well. On the other hand, a maximum of 10 downloads for a purchase hurts my demanding consumer side. A2A should take inspiration from Just Flight for their impeccable customer service (no max downloads). A2A missed the opportunity to use the realistic visual rendering that MSFS 2020 masters so well. The Comanche looks flat (2D instead of 3D) and washed out (no PBR: Physically Based Rendering), as it doesn't reflect "really" the aircraft's environment (ground, buildings, clouds, etc.). PBR is the new norm now… and the crown jewel of MSFS 2020-24!

  48. I wish it was available in xbox x. Great video, thank you!

  49. James says:

    Great aircraft. I'm only really into GA aircraft. But after the announcement of Flight Sim 2024 being a completely new Sim and not a DLC…im gonna have to stop add ons untill then. I already have many, and I'm skeptical about them being transfered. They said Flight Sim 2020 was a 10 year work in progress. Now suddenly thet releasing a new Sim. Because Microsoft have caved to the casual gamer.

  50. Great review of the A2A. This will be my next aircraft for sure. Also great to see you again over Rhode Island, I live in Warwick, Mins from KPVD and about a 30-minute ride South to the Point Judith ferry that takes us to BI a few times during the year.

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