Every Version of Sweet Tooth in Twisted Metal Games

Twisted Metal is Sony’s longest-running PlayStation video game franchise and has spanned over 8 games and 4 PlayStation consoles (PlayStation 1, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3). 5 if you count the PlayStation 4 and 5 versions of Twisted Metal: Black and the recently released PS Plus versions of Twisted Metal 1 and 2! Each and every step of the way Twisted Metal was joined by the iconic killer clown, Needles Kane. AKA Sweet Tooth.

Twisted Metal has evolved, changed, and taken on many different forms, from being a semi-grounded car combat title in Twisted Metal 1 to becoming a silly caricature of itself in Twisted Metal 3 and 4 before moving into darker waters with the brooding horror fest of Twisted Metal: Black then followed by the playful and charming Small Brawl until finally settled on a combination of everything with Twisted Metal: Head On and the 2012 reboot, but through every iteration of this weird and wacky series, Sweet Tooth was evolving and changing right along with it.

Sweet Tooth is one of three characters that has appeared in every release of Twisted Metal alongside Warthog and Grimm. Unlike those two, however, Mr. Tooth is the only one to be featured on the cover of every game. Without a doubt, he’s the face of the franchise and remains the most significant contribution to gaming and pop culture that Twisted Metal has ever spawned.

To this day, if you bring up Twisted Metal to someone who is only vaguely aware of what it is, more often than not they’ll ask “is that the game with the ice cream truck clown?” They may not have any concept of any other aspect of Twisted Metal, but good golly do they have this weirdo etched into their brain.

So what I want to do today is take a look at Sweet Tooth and how he and his ice cream truck have adapted over the course of every Twisted Metal game.

Starting with Twisted Metal 1 all the way through to the 2012 reboot, I’ll play each version of Sweet Tooth and see how far I can get before I game over, all the while doing my best to break down his place in this franchise and how he has evolved through each game. It’ll be exciting to see how the concept of Sweet Tooth expresses itself across all the games, because I think his character and vehicle represents each game it appears in perfectly. As goes Sweet Tooth, so goes the rest of Twisted Metal. And vice verse or whatever.

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34 Replies to “Every Version of Sweet Tooth in Twisted Metal Games”

  1. Jram1292 says:

    I’m still on the hunt for twisted metal 3 ..I have twisted metal 2

  2. Always knew the game was twisted metal but the tournament event was called High Octane, it feels weird like a psy-op that no one remembers this. 9:35

  3. His TM1 is still the best to me in my opinion, great ending too

  4. Sacrificial says:

    Get this video at least 79 more likes please, just because the uploader doesnt like Twisted Metal 3

  5. LITTLE says:

    You can NEVER have Twisted Metal without Needles Kane aka Sweet Tooth! His ice cream truck is always memorable to me, and Black did it best.

  6. StarForceGex says:

    Twisted Metal 3 Sweet Tooth is in Hot Shots Golf 2 on Ps1 oddly enough

  7. DIMCALLIE says:

    You didn't really call the show great, did you? It's very tolerable, it tries way too hard to be funny and just barely ever works at all. The only saving grace of the entire season was the very last episode, the only really "TWISTED METAL" thing about the whole series so far. No

  8. Ol Country says:

    I thought the show was great Im jazzed for season 2

  9. "He is a chungy wungy roton mass of clown ass" you really had to make him say that in his iconic voice lmao

  10. he's supposed to look like a monstrosity though? the artist did a good job

  11. forgot how strong ramming into someone's car with a high armored car in Twisted Metal 1 was, Sweet Tooth (even tho needing a password ) was very fun in TM2, now Sweet Tooth in TM4. WHY WAS HE SO BROKEN ?! i don't mind making him a boss character, by why give him one of the most broken specials in the game ?, you play as any low armored car in the game and Sweet Tooth hits you with your special, that's it. it's going to destroy your car. i will say my favorite versions of Sweet Tooth is TM: Black and TM: Head On. Also we can all agrue all the ending of Twisted Metal 3 SUCK hell Twisted Metal 3 is not really great in general

  12. sirjdog21 says:

    I am 3 episodes into the TV show and its just boring to me. The opening scene at the mall was cool (actual car combat) but outside of that there has been very little car combat (I think the only other car combat is John Doe vs Sweet Tooth for like 4 minutes, episode 3 was entirely outside of the car except for the opening and last 20 seconds). Also (again only made it through 3 episodes) every character except for Sweet Tooth that is from the game is not even similar from the game. Agent Stone for instance was a a cop that was one of the most effective at his job (as a SWAT sniper) where people question if he was psycho because he killed terrorist so well but in the show he gets degraded as some sort of rent-a-cop who is portrayed as a socially inept creep and can't even take an insult without crying.

    So far I will give the show a 2/10. If it didn't use the Twisted Metal name I would probably give it at least a 6. The name "Twisted Metal" in universe is the name of the destruction derby tournament. When (against as of so far) over 3/4th of show runtime is outside of the cars, let alone car combat (I understand you can't just have action), I just can't call it a good "Twisted Metal tv show". I will keep watching it, hoping it gets better, and I hope Sony gets more TM games because I loved the ones I played as a kid (2, 4, Black, and Small Brawl).

  13. purplefreak3 says:

    One, three, and black were the games I played the most.

  14. Eric Staples says:

    I do like the more clownish interpretations of Sweet Tooth. TM1 is more like the modern day Joker and TM4 is like the terrifying It clown.

  15. Redneck Hero says:

    Actually Sweet Tooth is on the cover of TM2. You may not see his vehicle but his face is present on the cover so he is featured on EVERY cover

  16. Tito Cordero says:

    All my hope is another game

  17. bliglum says:

    The old Twisted Metals are better. Part 1 and 2 are best…

    The newer Twisted Metals, Black and the 2012 reboot, are too fast, too chaotic. With physics that are too wonky.

  18. Twisted Metal 3 & 4 were made by a different development company – 989 Studios. These games are awful!!!!

  19. Loved the TV show, and TW2 is my favourite game of all time

  20. He's also the only one with the same driver and it's always the same vehicle.

  21. Riz plays says:

    Do you mean playstation 1 and not psOne since they are different

  22. JeyVGaming says:

    Feels like Twisted Metal Head On is Twisted Metal Black but it's outside Sweet Tooth's head, AKA the real world. Even in Roadkill's ending, Sweet Tooth mentioned that "I never did liked this place", meaning that he's now out in his imaginary world.

  23. Angelo B says:

    You should’ve showed roadkills ending and dark tooth’s ending from TMHO. As Wel as the post credit scenes featuring sweet tooth’s son and daughter from TM2012

  24. R. Mop says:

    36:29 You say here that the mask was carved out of a coffin that held the body of a serial killer, where's this information from? I thought I knew TM2012 well but I don't remember that part, yet it sounds a little familiar

  25. praying to god we get a new game its been too long man

  26. Head On did it right, his name is Needles Kane and the truck is Sweet Tooth. At least that's how I remember it. 🤷🏻

  27. I fucking loved the show. I certainly think that Black was my favorite incarnation of him. The show captured the recently look but with the craziness. Easily the best part of the show.

    TM:Black was my favorite. Legit terrifying. Goddamn

  28. "Shadow screamed for ice cream and then in general because I destroyed him"

  29. I think they planned him to be diavolic from beggening But he ended being Joker from dark knight and movie joker:D
    I love how you trying to say you hate tm2 so you doing this gimnastic:D
    I don't think head on live thing is glitch

  30. MasterZ says:

    he might not be on cover of tm2 but he literally is the entire disc. lol. i remember seeing in a bargain bin 9000 years ago and just immediately knowing it was tm2 because of his face. no booklet or anything just a clear sleeve with sweettooth looking at me.

  31. Technically, there’s a different version of the ending when the daughter takes up the mask

  32. Ni Cola says:

    I mostly remember Sweet Tooth because of TM 2012's russian localisation and the way Callipso pronounces "Sweet Tooth"

  33. Awaywrdson says:

    No one in the Twisted Metal series made me more mad than "Sweettooth" !! That guy was my worst "Nightmare" to fight !! Sometimes my weapons stopped shooting at him !! "Cheater" 😂 Grreat Game !! 👍

  34. Corthmic says:

    I think Twisted Metal 2 gets its reputation for having the best ratio of well made endings out of all the games, the actual gameplay isn't as good as Black or Head On imo.

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