How To Release The Golf Club | Hand Release vs Body Release

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20 Replies to “How To Release The Golf Club | Hand Release vs Body Release”

  1. Great lesson! Tried it out on the range and was hitting it at my usual yardage and sometimes more. How do we take this and transition it to the full swing?

  2. Wdharmon says:

    Do I swing that way with a driver?

  3. d ling says:

    I play long irons More fade with this technique? Is that normal ?

  4. Steven G says:

    Non pros need more hands (85% of clubhead speed) & less body.

  5. 3 Putt says:

    Fascinating! I’m in my early 70’s now. How different golf instruction is now. I grew up using persimmon woods and old McGregor irons. There were no game improvement clubs. Back than, you were taught the toe up toe up concept to hitting your irons. Toe up in the backswing at 90 degrees and toe up on your downswing at 90 degrees. As a young lad I had a horrible slice. The cure was to hit balls with my driver with a closed stance. My swing was to be between a quarter and no more than a half. During the downswing, I was taught to roll my hands over to develop a right to left drive. Same goes with my mid and long irons. I would hit balls most everyday like this for two month. I learned quickly, you had to roll your hands over much sooner than you thought it should be initially. The swing became ingrained and I was able to hit the ball with a half to 3/4 swing further than many with full swings. I can still hit some sweeping hooks if I need to on holes. I struggle slicing or fading. Anyhow it’s so interesting to me to see how instruction has changed. I played well as a young lad with a 7 handicap. Unfortunately age has robbed me of a lot of distance. I still play the back tee’s but now it’s driver, 3-wood to the par 4’s. Used to be driver 7 or 8 iron. No complaints. I’m still able to play the game relatively pain free except for plantar fasciitis. Thank goodness for motor buggies! I really enjoy your instruction tutorials! Very helpful.

  6. Brian Wells says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever released the club like your talking about. It has caused so much inconsistency. I feel as though I’m struggling to do it right because I’m learning over too much in my swing. Becoming top heavy and early extension?

  7. Brian Wells says:

    This video is perfect timing for me. Excellent job

  8. I love this video and demonstration of body release. I have been taught be swing coaches to have an arms release but this looks so much more simple and consistent. I will give it a try as soon as the weather cools down. I live in TX and it is something like 107 today.

  9. Chesties says:

    I feel like I'm hitting a lot shots off the toe. Any general tips you can give to fix that?

  10. H says:

    I've been doing more of a hand release with pitches but more of a body release with the longer clubs and it's been working ok

  11. Jake Allen says:

    Hey Eric, you're a baddie but would love for you to do a collaboration with Larry Cheung who advocates releasing right as you turn and start your downswing. He's obviously in canada but technology is mad nice.

  12. John Vitelli says:

    Eric I have a question when I watch Pete Cowen he is always saying 45 all the way through the swing and now Steve who I think is a fantastic instructor is saying 90 all the way through the swing who is correct? Thank You .

  13. Rich Raymond says:

    Golf shot roulette! Nailed it

  14. Russ Quick says:

    ERic- This towel drill really resonates for keeping arms tight to body. Always good stuff. Stay safe-Russ

  15. Jamie Sloan says:

    I used this exact swing yesterday, on some back pins. The shot comes in a little lower, with a longer first bounce. And just like they said… very crisp strike.

  16. CoreIssues says:

    Figuring out the body release absolutely rescued my ball striking. It nullifies a host of sub-optimal compensations. IMO the actual golf swing starts from optimal P6 pieces in regard to club face, posture, wrist and arm angles, etc. IMO. From there, don't try to roll it over through the ball, just release angles and allow yourself to shift and rotate organically.

  17. Louis Pounds says:

    Is there a style better based on body size? Age? Flexibility?

  18. Mark Rhodes says:

    I tend to block shots to the right with this feel. Club face obviously open but club path also too much from the inside? Need some feel for closing the club face?

  19. jason north says:

    I’m so stuck at which one to use from day to day

  20. You are the best ! Thanks ❤

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