Bader is On Fire & Judge Returns to SWEEP the A's | 905

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0:00 A’s are Very Bad, but Yanks Won!
4:55 Pitchers the Yankees Used
8:00 Tumblers are Cool
15:05 Judge Returned
24:00 Pride of the Yankees
32:50 Yankee MFer
44:00 Aaron Judge
46:40 Aaron Hicks Hit a Homer!
49:55 DJ LeMahieu
53:45 WIllie Calhoun
58:20 Jake Bauers
1:03:00 Rays Series Coming Up

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23 Replies to “Bader is On Fire & Judge Returns to SWEEP the A's | 905”

  1. Time to pull you guys back down to reality when the rays beat the shit out of you at your own stadium, you guys are down bad celebrating sweeping the worst team in baseball

  2. Ben says:

    The burn was incredible

  3. Paul Burton says:

    It’s amazing how one series against a HORRIBLE Athletics team can give fans a fake sense of security and confidence when the smarter fans know this lil spurt of offense is due to the opponents we faced and not on the talent of our lineup.

  4. Itsmesage says:

    Time to get swept by the Rays lol

  5. George C says:

    big fan of yours but this episode sucked. coming off of a sweep and winning 6 of 8, we need positive energy going into two huge series. instead this felt like an off-season ep where you’re still bashing everyone. let’s get better energy going forward

  6. In 410 days Stanton missed being injured, the Marlins and Yankees have paid out $46,620,520 to him.

  7. Jimmy's raise of hands during the Volpe grand slam is a very usable gif

  8. Imagine your team being in last place, yet still being this arrogant. 🤡

  9. Colin Keane says:

    I don’t like how Jakes first words are always saying hi to everyone, back in his Denver days he would come out and say something off the wall right away. That’s what I think

  10. Was really hoping we’d get an Oakland AAA’s comment

  11. C Rad says:

    Willie Calhoun is built like a fire hydrant.

  12. Fella says:

    Sick & tired of nobody calling Jake Jizzly

  13. Fella says:

    Jomboy & Jizzly**

  14. Lucas DeTora says:

    Hicks' first HR last year was a top 10 moment of the season.

  15. J Riot says:

    All hail LORD BADER!

  16. Talking a lot now Jake but when Boone was on the show you were silent 🤫 didn’t wanna tell him how you bash the team??

  17. Retro Tony says:

    Master Bader😂

  18. Chrissy F says:

    Hicks did not pimp that at all..that was 100% RELIEF he finally got a hit at home

  19. I need an episode where Jake sings full effort during the intro song. Just leave it all out there

  20. The Chet Steadman quote was nice….

  21. Leonard says:

    With two teams kinda running away, Rays and Braves, and only the dodgers with them at .600 wp or better, Yankees weirdly would be the number 2 team in every single other division in baseball except for the AL and NL Central divisions where they would be in or tied for the lead.

    Baltimore has the third best record in baseball and the Yankees are within 3.5 games of them.

    Weird season so far. I mean, the Pirates are leading their division

  22. Like it. Like it.

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