This Drill Has Never Failed To Fix This Really Common Downswing Fault

Some drills I like to call ‘POWER DRILLS’ as they just never fail when it comes to fixing the fault, this is one of those drills. This drill has never failed to fix this common downswing fault, and this fault is probably one of the most common out there

If you struggle with the driver, to strike the irons or you tend to loose the ball to the right of the target this is the video and the drill for you.

Three easy to do drills finishing up with the ‘power drill’ and you will be well on your way to better golf.

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00:00 Intro
01:50 Drill 1 – Smash Drill
04:24 Drill 2 – Roll Over Drill
06:42 Drill 3 – Power Drill

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36 Replies to “This Drill Has Never Failed To Fix This Really Common Downswing Fault”

  1. Queenie Lai says:

    Hi Chris, how do I fix an over the top swing with an in to out path? My shoulders are open at impact but my hands compensate by dropping behind my body during the downswing

  2. Im done! Can't give any swing drill down better than this. My swing , my swing, my swing… I wish you could see it Chris. You are already my teacher of the year 2023!!!! God bless you bruh!!! Kevin

  3. Ry Bry says:

    i keep fighting over the top at the start of every year, i'm pretty good at getting out the way but my back doesn't like me anymore, must do this all the time 😀

  4. Very good Chris.. I’ve used this. My fix was to try and keep my back or upper torso from turning early. These drills do that. I’ve even closed my stance 45 degrees and out my weight on my front foot, that’s helped as well. Your videos are great. Appreciate what you do… I share info like this to golfers that are struggling at a range I go to a couple of times a week, when weather permits… What we share multiplies, what we withhold diminishes…. Keep up the good work….

  5. James Black says:

    Man I wish you taught in the states. Literally one of the best teachers out there.

  6. G Calhoun says:

    Great series of drills to help stop my "over the top" swing flaw. I was shocked how well I hit the ball when I moved it back in my stance! My ball speed increased & carry significantly, my club path changed from outside to inside, and I hit some mini-draws & eliminated my normal slice. It is possible to transition over time to moving the ball more forward in my stance?

  7. Bob C says:

    The clearest and most understandable lesson on the proper swing path. And I like the way you (Chris) are more casual in your communication. You’re more effective and enjoyable that way. Thanks!

  8. GForce41 says:

    A good alternative to drill 3 if you are at a range with mats, just put the rubber tee back in the stance and clip it with the driver, no ball needed. Good quick warm up if short on time too.

  9. Do you drop the arms before turning the hips or in the same time?

  10. Chris is the best, but I'd be afraid this would cause me to cast. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

  11. David u says:

    First class, much appreciated 😊

  12. Great vid Chris , how do you apply this drill for driver or how do you prevent the over the top path for driver ??

  13. William says:

    Exactly what I need to work on thanks.

  14. JustThaor says:

    Did you guys notice the deer? lol

  15. Nick says:

    OTT, the stealth game killer, goes hand-in-hand with early extension to compensate. I’ve been battling this curse for years and I have to say this is the best instructional video I’ve seen.

  16. sue Mason says:

    I can always make a perfect swung without the ball – my practice swings are beautiful. It's when the ball is there that my brain says 'oh no you dont' and reverts to form. So I'm not convinced drills without the ball work – but obviously I'll give it a try

  17. jim lewis says:

    Fantastic video, watched your other video on weight transfer. now I understand the issue. Thanks

  18. Robert Felt says:

    Wow Chris I love the last tip.

  19. Chris Weber says:

    Can't wait to try that last drill. Thanks so much.

  20. Tom Bruce says:

    Off to the range to give it try, really enjoying this group of video instruction.

  21. This looks fantastic!! I cannot wait to start these drills! Thank you!

  22. Steve says:

    What a brilliant set of tips. Can’t wait to try them on the range! Thanks!!

  23. Alan Moore says:

    Chris, I think this drill makes complete sense. My only challenge is that I tend to come over the top early in the downswing (with a steep shaft) and then somehow correct it half way down by re-routing the club and early extending. This means that at impact – all being well – I do actually come from the inside. But it is erratic as it involves perfect timing and early extension. Do you have any drills that stop the over the top move right at the very start of the downswing?

  24. Darran Ball says:

    Good evening Chris, I’m subscribed to your channel and don’t know how I missed this video, I’ve recently changed my irons and can’t hit them 😁, upon videoing myself for some unbeknown reason I have started coming over the top,
    So fortunately I own the very same bag and although receiving many strange looks at the range, I have tried this sequence of drills out , for 4 consecutive visits, and as always everything you preach WORKS,
    Thank you so much for your excellent simplistic coaching and sharing on YouTube
    All the best Darran Ball

  25. Great tips!! I'm excited to try them.

  26. Ben Winters says:

    Watched this video last night and set up the alignment stick at the range today. Huge help! It really helps you feel how the club should drop in the slot and that move leads to a better (seemingly effortless) turn. Great video Chris!

  27. Eric Myers says:

    Brilliant! I’m a 5 handi but constantly struggle with the club steepening on downswing. This is exactly the drill i was looking for.

  28. This is the greatest over the top fixes. Tried it and I am a new golfer. Gained distance and now I am working on being more precise. Thank you Chris.

  29. Chris I follow you all the time, and sometimes I struggle with cutting across the ball, but wouldn't the move down encourage casting? You know more than me, so just asking. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  30. holy shitake. this hepled. thanks so much

  31. Neil W says:

    Thank the lord! At last, someone who makes perfect sense and explains the potential causes (in the other video) and then gives exercises to fix the problem. Thank you so much sir 👍 👍

  32. I will try that, let you know the result!

  33. excellent stuff. thanks for the vision and the help with my swing. Great video. Thanks for getting me back on trACK

  34. Mark Steers says:

    Hope you noticed one of your famous deer racing past at the start of this.

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