Before Hitting Your Driver, Do This for 5 Seconds

In this video, I’m going to tell you a secret about hitting driver that you never knew you needed. By understanding how to hit a driver correctly, you’ll be able to hit it straight and far more often!

Hitting a driver is one of the most important things you can do on the golf course. By understanding how to hit it correctly, you’ll be able to hit it straight and far more often! In this golf lesson, Todd Kolb shares with you a shaft angle secret to hitting drivers that will help you hit it better than ever before!


22 Replies to “Before Hitting Your Driver, Do This for 5 Seconds”

  1. no "why" in lifting the arm 3 times

  2. Great tip. I have been a low ball hitter for years and now see exactly why. Not only are my shoulders more level than you demonstrate but my hands are too low. Thanks!

  3. veallen3 says:

    Hello Todd! I’m Vernon from Euless, Texas! I received my Maxvert 1 Driver this past Friday and took it to the driving range today! I was really excited to finally receive it! I hit approximately 30 balls and was hex flex spot most of the time, with a few just below and to the right of it! Unfortunately I was unable to get a straight flight or draw of the ball. Even hitting the sweet spot I was hitting a so called “baby fade” or an outright slice. By the way, I’m a righty! I know for sure it’s not the club, I need to continue using the tips from the videos of the VLS MaxLaunch Driver Series. In my non-professional opinion I think I am not releasing the club right. I’m am 100 percent committed to making this work. I’ll keep you posted! Thank you so much for what you do for us “experienced” golfers!

  4. r adam says:

    Good tip. That's also why the majority of us would benefit from using shorter shafts in the driver than the current std 45.75 in (like most pros do btw). But as you said in a recent video, one can also grip down.

  5. Coach 10000000000%%%%%%% that works for me.

    Ever since I've got my C-Roge driver for Christmas and following your and my pro guidelines boom 💥 👌 Fairway Finder is in the house 😂😂😂.

    Now, I must fix my iron shots. OMG, I used to hit them like a rocket, and I need to get back to it.

    Today, I'm playing in a shotgun competition at Trump International Dubai.

    By the way, I can't remember ever mentioning that I'm from Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean (West Indies), but yes, I am living and working as an expat in Dubai United Arab Emirates.

    I wish everyone a wonderful golfing weekend.

  6. Franco Capo says:

    Does this work iron shots ?

  7. Hey Todd great stuff as always Bob from Jersey

  8. KEVIN O'NEAL says:

    Thanks for all your efforts! Montana

  9. Jd Wond says:

    A lot of instruction says that because of the design of the flex in the shaft, the toe of the club head should be raised a bit at address. Is this wrong?

  10. Aaron Holden says:

    Will try this – i used the maxvert driver yesterday for the first time on the course – in practice maybe 1 or 2 slices out of 30 – in my 9 holes yesterday all of my drives were slices – very frustrating.

  11. I'v always been very inflexible so have difficulty executing a decent backswing. I barely get the club past vertical. Suggestions, drills, exercises?

  12. Excellent idea. One question, should I stand closer to the ball than with the 'old shaft angle'?

  13. Jim Barker says:

    Does this work for all clubs? Irons & Fairway woods? Dalhart, Texas

  14. Todd I'm tempted to change my old faithful driver, a Ping G25, but every time i test new one's can't hit anything better than the Ping, maybe because i cut two inches of my shaft, which makes it more upright, and easy to control without scarifying distance. Not seen this driver you are using in England, I'd be tempted to try one

  15. Joel Raske says:

    Hi Todd. I just got my Maxvert driver a couple of days ago. Took it to the range and had some great hits. Played league and used it on a few par 4 holes and had some great shots. I need to work on my aiming now because the club eliminated my slice just need to fine tune my set up!

  16. Doug Hirsch says:

    Todd I need help on the first tee jitters. Any drill or pre shot recommendations?

  17. Muadib223 says:

    You mean the Moe Norman single-plane swing? 😎
    Been using it for years and it changed my game…

  18. Milton Ezell says:

    Would you also recommend this angle of the shaft technique to mid-irons or even wedges?

  19. Danmark 😂🇩🇰👍

  20. Robert Grant says:

    All this for 5 seconds?

  21. Rex Anderson says:

    Very smart to design the new shaft angle.

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