BEST GOLF HYBRIDS OF 2023 | Hybrids Comparison and Test

Introducing a new 2nd Swing series, the BEST OF 2023. In this edition, we break down the best golf hybrids of 2023. This video specifically takes a look at the golf hybrids category and includes five models: the PING G430 hybrid, TaylorMade Stealth 2 Rescue, Titleist TSR2 hybrid, Callaway Paradym hybrid, and Cobra KING Tec hybrid.

0:00 Intro
2:55 Testing: PING G430
4:48 Testing: Titleist TSR2
6:28 Testing: Callaway Paradym
8:28 Testing: TaylorMade Stealth 2
10:01 Testing: Cobra KING Tec & Numbers
13:45 Kevin’s Picks

In this video, 2nd Swing’s Drew Mahowald is joined by master fitter Kevin Kraft to test and discuss the best golf hybrids of 2023. Then, we get Kevin’s Top 3 drivers in several categories, including Look, Sound/Feel, Performance, and Innovation.

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13 Replies to “BEST GOLF HYBRIDS OF 2023 | Hybrids Comparison and Test”

  1. hbyrdut says:

    What were the lofts on each? Did you adjust the weights on the cobra?

  2. Why do you guys hate Mizuno? 🙁

  3. I’ve found the standard Paradyms the longest, straightest & tightest dispersion I’ve ever had – previously had Apex 21, ping g425, ping g410, ping g400, Steelhead XR – you should probably record this a different day with more shots & a less knackered ball tester 😂

  4. Mark Farrow says:

    As always, excellent video, thanks for the commentary and all your work on helping us simple folk with golf club selection.
    Great effort, keep up the good work!

  5. Allan T. says:

    I've got the ping, mainly because its a scoring club for me and need the grouping. I tried the stealth, lengthwise it was longer but it also had a longer shaft!

  6. After testing these and others given my swing and swing speed ended up going with the apex hybrid which I found more suited and accurate for me with the aldila pl blu shaft. So did not go with any of the new models. No real meaningful additional performance value for money.

  7. Geoff Klein says:

    Like these videos

  8. Joshua K says:

    Nice video. Lots of solid choices. Looking forward to a hybrid fitting.

  9. Also playing the previous gen Cobra King Tec hybrids and completely agree. Best hybrid on the market, terrific look and feel, love the adjustability though mine was fit to set and forget

  10. 2222skinny says:

    Tsr3 best hybrid since 716h2

  11. I am a lefty with a major wrist and hand injury. I am going with Ping , I can go all the way to 7 hybrid.

  12. Vishal Arora says:

    Front to back dispersion with Paradym looks atrocious. Ping looks really tight.

  13. Dan Poteet says:

    Kevin put me into the King Tec 2 and 4 hybrids early last year. I play each at 1 degree weak on the loft. Absolutely love both of them.

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