EVERY GOLFER MUST SEE this BEFORE they hit another SAND SHOT! Tour Pro Blake Cannon | BE BETTER GOLF

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12 Replies to “EVERY GOLFER MUST SEE this BEFORE they hit another SAND SHOT! Tour Pro Blake Cannon | BE BETTER GOLF”

  1. What a great video.

  2. Stevie. J says:

    Love this🙏 explained really well

  3. cpking7 says:

    Took an online lesson with Blake and helped me immensely. He had me move the iPhone camera to different angles, then zeroed in on only what I needed to change to get in perfect setup and swing on the right path.

  4. Billy Graham says:

    Yeah, out of a normal well maintained bunker this is great advice. But so many municipal courses have hard pan dirt and you still must play the shot. How do you handle hard pan bunkers? That is what I’d like to learn. OH WAIT! That IS covered later in this video! Awesome.

  5. For bunkers with less sand or hard-packed dense sand, you need to “create” more sand by hitting down with that attack angle. ⬅️ That’s been huge for me.

  6. Len S says:

    That was a good lesson

  7. swish1onu says:

    his sand game is on point… great video

  8. Nice tutorial guys!!

  9. Ahhh- Dobson Ranch. My friend Ryan grew up playing there in the early 2000’s, he shot a 64 during a tournament round for Mesa C.C.

  10. JD says:

    What Bull Shit>>> THE great Tommy Bolt said "DOWN TO GO UP"~ its that simple!!

  11. I have watched every bunker video on YouTube (cause I suck at sand), this video went to #1 in my top 10. I’ll have to watch it more, practice more, focus more, but I’m gonna get better. May have to shake Blake’s hand someday though…

  12. John says:

    This guy is good and knows what he's talking about.

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