Chip Shot or Pitch Shot? (Made Simple)

Chipping and pitching are two completely different shots, and many amateurs get themselves into trouble not being clear about the differences in how to play them.

So what are the differences between a chip shot and a pitch shot? PGA Professional Jack Backhouse clears things up for us.

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17 Replies to “Chip Shot or Pitch Shot? (Made Simple)”

  1. David Cooper says:

    Its a putt with my chip R without the nerve endings getting the better of me

  2. finally clarity in definition and techinque. For too long both were methods are called a chip, high and low.

  3. Pitch or Chip.. Lke them both depends on the distance over the grass to the green…In the air mostly straight, hit the ground take your chances on what direction it will take once it hits the ground….Thanks….

  4. I just use my “PING ChipR”. It just works

  5. poorks says:

    the dif.. WHY IS IT SNOWING

  6. Brian Starr says:

    The difference between the two shots was well explained and executed. Well done Hannah.

  7. Nick Millar says:

    Good info. Hannah your beautiful.

  8. They’re the same shot for me. I can equally blade both of em over the green

  9. Steven Smale says:

    Just use hybrid with putter swing. Less hassle and more consistent..

  10. j1166240 says:

    Hi Hannah, I have followed your videos for some time now and know you are a great golfer in your own right. Since the name change of the channel, why are you being more of the interviewer amateur instead of being the teacher? Jack is a good teacher in his own right, but I know he is not teaching you anything you don't already know. I even watched your videos when getting club fitted and you have an amazing consistent swing. Just curious about the format change? Jeff

  11. bigjock85 says:

    I always thought the chip was the loftier shot and the pitch was more of the bump and run 🙈

  12. great video thank you!

  13. Sound advice, and easy to understand.

  14. Let us know what you think!

  15. Great vid thanks for the tips!

  16. Toby Fenn says:

    lovely day for it! Agree about the weird twinkly music though. Seemed very random.

  17. Pete says:

    Great vid with good advice. The music in the background was rather irritating, in my opinion.

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