Condensed Round 3 | The Amundi Evian Championship

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10 Replies to “Condensed Round 3 | The Amundi Evian Championship”

  1. NoClickBait says:

    Did they really highlight a missed birdie putt from Grant? Da fuq?

  2. Bama HI says:

    Please fire the female commentator. Not because she's a female, it's because she's terrible at what she does! Talking over moments. Placing her stat comments at the wrong time. Irrelevant comments that don't fit the coverage. Voice only a mom would love. On and on……

  3. Great female commentators, but for one .

  4. Peter Edge says:

    Was it just a putting competition?

  5. Early Bird says:

    Watch out Celine, Minjee is on the prowl, Nasa is in the zone, and Brooke is feelin a back2back within reach!

  6. Los greens para ladys, son embudos hacia los hoyos. Muy gracioso !!😅

  7. R Adams says:


  8. Seaannn says:

    Hey LPGA, you're starting to look like PGA Tour channel with all the putting highlights.

  9. Bruce Li says:

    Damn!!! Two of the past winners are in contention. Is gonna be an great round in final round.

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