Golf Course Management Lesson that WORKS! Reduce your handicap with these simple tips.

Challenge Tour professional Stuart Grehan gives you an in-depth overview of how he sees and plays Par 3’s to make sure you take advantage of them when you’re out on the course.


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  1. Dan can you make a video on how you play a chip shot from right off the green if the ball is sitting down and the pin is close. I consider myself as having a really good short game. I have most shots around the green but I cannot hit this shot for the life of me and it’s now in my head.

  2. Love watching the process of playing a hole. These are pros who play to a %

  3. Really enjoyed these Strategy video's. Correct club choice & course management is where I can pick up 3-4 strokes in a round.
    I can't see different equipment or swing changes giving me that much improvement.
    Really appreciate these videos.
    Thanks Dan

  4. Czech Spy says:

    "Stop making these simple mistakes" and post something watchable…less than 5% of your subs watch this stuff.

  5. Man!!! Great advice.
    We always think of the pin.
    Love this!
    Great video Dan!!!

  6. Mowser12345 says:

    Shame he missed the cut (by one) today. Still, he played 2 days of par 3s in level so all good there 👍

  7. Bill Dunlop says:

    Great tip Dan, That's why I really like my Garmins watch, I always play to the back of the green yardages on Par 3's because at my level I would say my flush clubs hits are greatly outweighed by my miss hits.

  8. Roy Race says:

    Love these course management vids😊

  9. Steve Brown says:

    I’d be taking a 7 iron short of the water and then a wedge to the green. Only club I’ve got that sometimes goes 210 yards is my driver. Nice video but that par 3 doesn’t apply to my standard of game.

  10. Mmm as an amateur I have to say I don't think I have 3 clubs with over 210 carry..

  11. I no I have said it before but he makes it look so simple

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