Disc Showcase: Axiom Tempo | MVP's Overstable Approach Disc from the MVP Circuit Challenge 2023

🔥 Elevate your disc golf game with the all-new Axiom Tempo! In this thrilling episode I unveil the Tempo, a disc that brings precision and control reminiscent of the Discraft Zone. Watch as I put the Tempo to the test in various scenarios, showcasing its unparalleled accuracy on approach shots and reliable consistency in the wind. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, the Axiom Tempo is your key to mastering those crucial shots. Hit that “Subscribe” button to catch this in-depth showcase and discover how the Tempo can transform your game. Get ready to dominate the course with precision like never before! 🎯⛓️ #AxiomTempo #DiscGolfShowcase #mvpdiscsports


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