How to use a Groove Sharpener and Regrooving Tool: nU Groove Sharpener

Wedge Guys LLC ( brings you a how to video to restore your wedge grooves like new using the nU groove sharpener and breathe life back into your short game and regain the backspin, control and consistency of a factory fresh club face.

See the world’s leading groove sharpener in action.

Chosen by over 1000s of golfers worldwide and PGA Recommended

The nU Groove Sharpener removes bent over metal from the edges of all shapes of grooves, its purpose is to redefine the edges, so it works with any golf iron or wedge including; U, V or Square grooves.

Why do I need a Groove Sharpener?

Increase Spin

Have you noticed a significant decline in the amount of spin you are able to produce? There could be a few reasons why you are struggling to generate spin including: worn out grooves, dirt/debris hardened in grooves or not compressing the ball properly. The nU Groove Sharpener will not only clean out your grooves but also sharpen them back to life.

Save Money

Are you tired of spending 100s of dollars every year buying new wedges or irons because the grooves are worn out? Are you interested in purchasing a used set of irons but worried the grooves are worn? The nU Groove sharpener works by sharpening the edges of the groove to bring the bite back to your used iron.

Our tool restores the bite of the grooves on wedges or irons with U, V or Square grooves giving you more spin and accuracy. Why more spin? It’s simple physics my friends. On longer shots more spin results in higher, longer ball flight and softer landings on the greens. With shorter pitch shots a ball with more spin will “check up” and stop giving you more control.

How to use nU Groove Sharpener?
The nU grooVe Sharpener is very simple to use. Whether you would just like to clean the debris out of your grooves or sharpen them back to “Like New”, our step by step instructions will provide the steps to take to get maximum spin immediately!

How to use nU GrooVe Sharpener?

Step 1: Thoroughly clean the club face with soapy water, get rid of all the soft dirt, grit and remove any stones.

Step 2: The easiest way to use the tool is to prop the club up against a wall whilst holding the head onto a workbench or table top, then with a drawing stroke drag the blade across the grooves with the blades edge at a 45 degree angle for V and U grooves, almost vertical for square grooves.

Step 3: Make the first 3-4 passes slowly and without much force, then you can put more pressure into the stroke.

**Works better with a few drops of oil in the cutting area, any oil will act as a lubricant to assist the tool – WD40 works fine**

10 minutes per head should be plenty to get the edges back into good condition. Repeat every 10 – 15 rounds.

This is a great product that will repair your Clubs, improve your Golf, and save you money!

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