Discus Throw for Beginners | Grip Release & Power

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Discus Throw for Beginners | Grip Release & Power

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28 Replies to “Discus Throw for Beginners | Grip Release & Power”

  1. Naran Gadhvi says:

    Got the guide! it's really awesome 🏆 keep it up🙏

  2. Super guide I got first
    Prize🏆 thanks of loot….

  3. Glitterhands says:

    it's 6am, i need to throw a discus for athletics competitively, i have never thrown before….. this video helps!!

  4. Streamboi says:

    Here a hour before I have to throw I discuss (I have never thrown one before)

  5. Wow I like how u teach

  6. Atruth says:

    Thank you for your video. I've always wondered how to do this. You helped move my knowledge mark. First tutorial I've seen. Always been intrigued how this magic happens, biology and physics melding into a floating weighted disc that goes soaring as far, as far, can be.

    To your question: not yet.
    I need to buy equipment first. I know nothing of this field, going to explore your channel.

    Happy flying days to all you happy flying knights.

  7. Believe it or not im using this for help in my golf game.

  8. jaxon agnew says:

    im 12 first year throwing and i got 18.5m i was happy with it

  9. slimebox1100 says:

    This is my second year of discus, and I got 25.24 meters. I think it's pretty good at the age of 14 but I want to do better so thanks for the video

  10. Ryan Curry says:

    I've thrown it once yesterday and what helped me most was Lauren Dowling and my coached yelled at me to use my legs 🦵 🙃 😐

  11. POV: Watching this the Day before you have to throw it for the first time

  12. Sanzen says:

    been watching your videos and they are really helpful, i self teach myself since my throwing coach is often absent and doesnt put much effort, just pr 100 ft as a sophmore in HS recently and your content has been really helpful

  13. Watching this 2 hrs before sports day be like

  14. Lewis Due says:

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  15. Jay Bee says:

    I just sent this link to my son (8th grade) because he is a sprinter and his coach just put him in discus for the first meet of the season for some reason 🤦🏽‍♀️

  16. Peyton cumbo says:

    Watching this the day before s track meet

  17. Bro ty so much😭 I have a meet today and I haven’t had much practice because we just started.

  18. Linderpotaer says:

    thank you so much! this helped me alot, I got on the team!!!

  19. Watching this before practicals be like "what , how we will do it "

  20. Zene says:

    This really helps me , I just started discus throw just this month due to our intrams and lucky I'm champion thanksss to thisssss❤️❤️❤️

  21. Life Of Kayi says:

    I have discuss today thanks for the help

  22. Sajuna Inui says:

    I got a discus throw competition on Friday hope this helps

  23. Thank you so much this helps me because I'm a bigginer athlet

  24. Talab Husain says:

    Please explain it better plzzzzzzz 🥺😐

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