In this VIDEO we check if these FITTED irons are STILL the CORRECT setup for the MID HANDICAP GOLFER!!

Are YOU looking to CHANGE your irons YOU MUST WATCH this video before you DO!!

Link to Takomo Website!!


9 Replies to “DO you NEED to CHECK THIS??”

  1. Got my takomo irons following Dave’s journey, only disappointment was having to pay additional import duty in the UK which took the shine of the purchase a bit but still £600 for full set of new irons

  2. Matt Jons says:

    Great stuff Dave , love the content showing your improvement

  3. Roy Close says:

    Well done lads 👍 😊

  4. Tim Dench says:

    My issue with Takomo is that to my knowledge you can’t try them before you buy them in the UK. You may know what shaft you want, but you won’t know anything about the feel until you’ve paid your money and by then it’s too late.

  5. Keith says:

    Got my Takomo 101’s after seeing Dave use them, really love them, great quality and value and feel great. I’m the same don’t use the 4 & 5 and need a club to fill the gap.

  6. Ian Wright says:

    Loving the iron play and short game dave keep em coming 👍⛳️

  7. David Cole says:

    After seeing Dave's Swing today Did he ever test the Paradym X Irons? Most of his shots were Left to Right and those Irons are suppose to address that a little. Or if Price is was issue You can Pick up for around $600 at Callaway Preowned in very good condition Callaway Rogue ST MAX Irons that address Left to Right as well.

  8. Mark Ballard says:

    Love to know what ball Dave is using?

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