Roberto Carlos But He Can Only Score Power Shots

We are building a squad around 97 Cover Star Icon Roberto Carlos using the wheel then trying the team out

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30 Replies to “Roberto Carlos But He Can Only Score Power Shots”

  1. More Chuff says:

    Can't believe I scored so many worldies with this insane card

  2. Foyw Ahmed says:

    Saw that TOTY Hakml

  3. Mark Smetek says:

    I'm disappointed because 80% of the vid was making the team and he didn't score any long shots

  4. L3GEND says:

    Bro why am I distracted to his forehead💀
    Also idk

  5. bro forgot about shapeshifters vvd

  6. I love your videos

  7. Chuff,chuff chuff chuff chuff CHUFF is the best

  8. Brnz. says:

    For centre midfielder who’s name starts with V, you could’ve taken Valverde

  9. Why don't yuse Martinez as gk

  10. BlockZ says:

    U should of used ederson as GK man he is so good

  11. You should make a video on cover star Ronaldinho 🇧🇷

  12. Stoooooooop taaqaaaaaaaaaaaaalk

  13. Hill Crest says:

    Pls do the new dinho

  14. DevenTheRizz says:

    Me and my cousin watch your videos all the time and your videos are so fun

  15. Anna Simmons says:

    what about the minus 2 you of kept viera and allison

  16. Chuff is the best at entertaining us keep up the good work 🎉

  17. Taz Pidgley says:

    Best player in the world

  18. On top of YouTube 😂😂😂

  19. Goblin Shark says:

    Because TOTY Hakimi Is the only right back.

  20. Carlos alberto icon

  21. Kai Hill says:

    Can't believe it said all hakimi😅

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