Don’t Be Like Your Heros | Episode #22

Dr. Mike chats about all things progress, especially technology, futurism, morality, meaning, and personal growth. Join in the fun, share your opinion in the comments, and let us know what video topics you’d like to see in the future!

If you’re into putting on muscle and getting leaner, you’re tired of fitness BS and want to cut to the truth on how to get the body you want, check out my fitness channel. I’m a college professor of sport physiology!


34 Replies to “Don’t Be Like Your Heros | Episode #22”

  1. swiper31 says:

    Dead on about reading. One year I read like 68 books. didn't really absorb any of that. Better of reading 1-2 books, even like, once a month or something and actually absorbing and applying what you learn from that book.

  2. Gilamang says:

    What is going on with your fingernails? Everything ok?

  3. whateverLDZ says:

    you say steven seagal has your respect forever.hard to deal with that

  4. Nome Cognome says:

    One argument against "progress" :
    I dislike immigration and I don't care if the economy grows 1% more thanks to the immigrants, there are many proplems that people try to ignore or even hide that I'd like to avoid even at the cost of having to pay bananas 50¢ more for a pound
    We lift in a society 🤷🏼‍♂️

  5. Jeff Ware says:

    The only criticism I have is Dr. Mikes constant Elon Musk staning. There's very little evidence Elon did anything Dr. Mike describes beyond buying a company that was already designing and building rockets. It's the same story with Tesla. Musk was only rudimentary in his ability to code at Zip2. Enough to get it off the ground and functional but he's hardly the technological genius he's made out to be. A genius maybe in other ways, but not the way Dr. Mike describes frequently.

  6. Mastery by Robert Greene is a great book and dovetails nicely into this video.

  7. Jeff Ware says:

    I was wondering when there would be a more focused "making progress" in one's immediate life and this one knocked it out of the park and exactly what I was hoping for. Thanks Dr. Mike, truly useful and inspiring!

  8. Vlad Nicolae says:

    We need a reading list from Dr. Mike❤

  9. Goran Licul says:

    I would like to see book recommendation list from dr. Mike

  10. Nothing to add to the content. Just post in the comment for Mr Algo Yhythm

  11. Man, you had such a painful look in your eyes when the video started… Are you okay?

  12. Yogi says:

    My grandfather has always been my hero and the only person I've wanted to emulate.
    I've learned I don't want to be just like the people I look up to, but to try to build myself up to the type of person they might respect or befriend.

  13. Jake Draper says:

    I wish I had watched this video yesterday before I shaved my head, gained 75lbs of muscle, puked during leg day, and got my PhD in exercise science.

  14. Yanis Herve says:

    Hi mike, i started to watch this channel as im interested in philosophy. I knew you from your fitness channel and if i may give you a tip, it would be this : put your screen (powerpoint whatever) in the video too (just like during your educative videos on RP).
    I do understand that you might want to appear to talk to us directly and not give us a course, but i think its great in order to keep in mind your point when you're going down the rabbit hole.

  15. Being able to do something does not transfer into being able to teach how to do the same — in fact some excellent teachers are people who have failed to achieve what they are teaching, but have learned from their mistakes (some of which cannot be recovered from, hence the failure) and can provide effective guidance, much more than people who have actually succeeded. People (sometimes!) learn from failure, but success is famously sterile.

  16. hey dr mike do you have these available as audio only so i can listen in the car

  17. Tom W says:

    Thanks for the advice boss i will continue to grow my hair xo

  18. Max Schmidt says:

    So weird hearing Dr. Mike without a bunch of jokes 😅 still great but almost like a different person

  19. Bryan A says:

    You are my hero tho

  20. BnibroC69 says:

    Please make the next vids about how to do deep work and get RICH 😊

  21. Kim Decker says:

    Boy do I hope a lotta people get a chance to listen to this. And I hope they find it as balancing and affirming as I did. You're doing good work in the world, Dr. Mike, and we thank you for it!

  22. Mike I have a shrine to you in my house

  23. One of my new favorite channels. Already a huge fan of the fitness channel and this has been an incredible cherry on top

  24. Mark says:

    Gotta say it's incredibly cringe that Dr. Mike believes Elon Musk's PR myths

    He bought his way into every company he's ever led. He is not an engineer lmao

  25. mudryy f. says:

    phew. i was really close to opening an onlyfans, just to be a little bit more like you. thank God that's not needed

  26. In a video talking about heroes, Mike mentions Jordan & LeBron, but leaves Kobe out. THE AUDACITY!!!

  27. Paulo Gorris says:

    6 books a week? who are these people? I'm lucky if I'm able to finish one.

  28. Juan Cito says:

    I love you Mike!!! Even more than the others

  29. Locutus says:

    "If I've read a book, *I know the book.*"
    /Jewish roots intensify/

  30. Atlas says:

    But Dr. Mike… are my hero

  31. mrjokerq says:

    Hey Dr. Mike, I wonder if you plan on talking about strategies we can use to discover and reach our highest potential at a given thing? And when to pivot? Kind of like periodization and troubleshooting for career trajectories and etc. While in sports we can say "I'm 5'6, so even though I love basketball, I'm going to focus on soccer", it can be tough to pick abstract trajectories to pursue. Thanks for the great episode as always!

  32. I might be shorter than Dr. Mike, but i look up to him in every way imaginable.

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