The RIGHT way to repair your ball mark

Golf course superintendent Mark Patterson unveils the proper way to repair your ball mark. Mark Patterson, a longtime member of the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America, is the top man in turf care at Legacy Golf Club at Lakewood Ranch and Serenoa Golf Club, both in Florida.


5 Replies to “The RIGHT way to repair your ball mark”

  1. joel driver says:

    I tap the mark down initially with the putter and then just start pressing inwards in a circle going around it until it's flat and then tap it a few times again. Takes maybe 15 seconds but that's the best way I've found.

  2. I have played before and not been able to find my hall mark so I repaired everyone else’s instead 😅

  3. John Dube says:

    I'm the guy constantly repairing ball marks that aren't mine. People consistently just don't repair them. I just do it because it's the right thing to do. I definitely do repair mine as well, but I do t get many of them.

  4. WERTYOO says:

    Nice to hear him see that walking away from it is the worst thing you can do. Even as a greenskeeper

  5. Ryzard says:

    Great advice!

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