Drew Gibson Tried Making A BUZZZ…

Drew Gibson Tried Making A BUZZZ…Welcome to the Buzzz SS Battles Ep.1 please enjoy.


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32 Replies to “Drew Gibson Tried Making A BUZZZ…”

  1. I finally realized what a ‘Peej’ (PJ) is. Took me like 5 videos to figure it out. Why no touchy forehand attempts with these?

  2. Justin says:

    Try the streamline echo to compare to the buzzz as. Best mid I’ve ever thrown for that neutral slot.

  3. As someone who cant putt try scoober its lowkey nasty in c1 hit with anhyzer in c2 it’s butter

  4. Notch Discs says:

    The lefty putt is coming along nicely! I could never

  5. Yo says:

    he's home boys

  6. Nate Turner says:

    What mic you rockin?

  7. Craft H2O says:

    Welcome back to 'Sota!

  8. Huntro says:

    Now how Brod going to let the Buzzz SS lose the first battle of the series 🤣

  9. Fission reactor is what a buzzz wants to be, just don’t wanna send you mine haha

  10. Da Kraken says:

    Original Buzz….is golden….
    The Roc…..is my baby

  11. Jimmy Kloep says:

    The Supra wouldn’t be in my bag. In a year it would be way too flippy. That’s an am disc. If it ain’t stable it ain’t able.

  12. Jimmy Kloep says:

    I think in two years it’ll break in and it’ll be a staple in the bag. I’m prone to broken in discs. Those are the Jems in a bag. You could have great expectations for any new discs but in a couple seasons it could be garbage as a pro so you end up handing it to an amateur player.

  13. Cole says:

    Brod my man crush fr

  14. aerobie epic round soon?

  15. Nick Boland says:

    Glad you enjoyed it, and my statement holds up: it’s not going to replace the Buzzz SS but it sure is a good frisbee fosho

    So what’s the prize for the controversial take down 👀

  16. 07coco says:

    Can’t wait to see some 2 disc vs 2 disc battles

  17. Brett McHan says:

    I love throwing mids!! I throw them any chance i get! I love my MD3

  18. Md1 (specifically a Mindbender) or a Champ Mako3. I'll send you a Mako3, but not a Mindbender haha.

  19. I throw my mids 2/3 times a round unless your count a zone 917 rated

  20. MoCoBoys says:

    great vid def try the comet!

  21. Andrew Bell says:

    Beat in roc for those crispy lines🤤

  22. Steve R says:

    Tickle tickle for the algo

  23. Joshua Hodde says:

    Whole time I was watching this video I was like I know I gave Nick a Supra like that. Turns out it was mine lol, so yes, I have thrown a Supra… That exact Supra. Second, that is the first run Supra (got it from the bag subscription and it did seem a little flippier than the numbers entailed).

  24. I was TOTALLY gonna try out a Buzzz SS, but now I won't because you keep pushing it. I like to drink IPAs too.

  25. i try to throw mids as much as possible, I threw a dx roc 350 one time, but usually i’ll throw mids 280-330

  26. I'm more emotionally invested in this battle than any other. I feel like BSS is a member of Frisbee Club and I don't want to see the homie take a loss.

  27. Romius says:

    looks like you are now required to replace that SS with the Supra………..

  28. Matt Ohnona says:

    first, go away luke

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