Can you score better by laying up? Darkhorse golf Course

today we find out if an average golfer will shoot better by laying up and being safe, or going for the hero shot. everybody wants to try and drive the green on a par 4 and get the eagle. but as a high handicapper, it would probably end up adding strokes. well today we put that to the test on course at Darkhorse in Auburn California. im getting to the point in my game where i realize the difference between shooting in the 90’s vs the 100’s isnt about getting 10 more birdies. its about getting less bogey’s and double bogeys. if you can limit yourself and stop the damage, then you can easily shoot much lower. let me know your thoughts in the comments.


10 Replies to “Can you score better by laying up? Darkhorse golf Course”

  1. FaqUrNwoBS says:

    I'm a gambler, I would have tried a punch through those trees 😛

  2. Wes S. says:

    Awesome! This course is near me and love playing it. Hope you play it during spring-fall because it is ten times more beautiful in that timeframe of the year. And that par 4 is scary because it gets so narrow at the end…..trees on left……creek on right.

  3. Do you sell that hat?

  4. I watched a couple shorts . You are funny asf. Ill give u a rare sub for making me laugh. Thanks.

  5. The H Bro says:

    Shot a 78 one time at this course, and it's still my best round so far.

  6. You should do this test with various handicaps. The safe play may not be the best play for a guy that can put it on a 50p but for a high handicap who can’t guarantee where the ball will end up, the safe play might be the best option.

  7. Josh Zlaket says:

    This is my hometown. I can’t believe you played here lol

  8. Love your videos but I keep wondering how you don’t get any better. Every video has a shank or chunk

  9. MrWeez12345 says:

    I worked at this course some years back and still play it regularly. I’ve seen a lot of people drive that par 4 (#14) green in one. Sure makes it hard to club down when it feels reachable. Side note I have never reached it😂

  10. I’ve had this same question.. I’m not great at driver, I can hit three wood alright but I’ve wondered if I just teed off with six iron on everything if my score would go down.. makes me wonder

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