New Cobra Snakebite Wedges! (Wedge Fitting)

In this video, we take a trip to the Cobra/Puma fitting studio and take a look at the new Cobra snakebite wedges!

The beauty part of these wedges is that from inside 100 yards I have more spin which can = more control!

I’ve added a new wedge in the back end of my bag and fell in love with the wide-low option.

What do you guys think of these bad boys?


4 Replies to “New Cobra Snakebite Wedges! (Wedge Fitting)”

  1. Daryl Gasper says:

    Hi there!
    Will this rust after a lot of use?

  2. Ralph S says:

    High / Low 😄

  3. How many wedges are in your bag ?

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