Getting custom fit for irons with Mark Crossfield & Rory from Your Golf Travel

Any golfer who is serious about improving their game should consider getting properly fitted before purchasing a new set of clubs. We head to Cleveland/Srixon’s Centre of Excellence at Studley Wood GC with PGA Professional Mark Crossfield to guide you through the custom fitting process.

Cleveland/Srixon are offering great deals on custom fits at Studley Wood. For more more information, click here:

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24 Replies to “Getting custom fit for irons with Mark Crossfield & Rory from Your Golf Travel”

  1. Nick White says:

    It’s the outfits really

  2. Not sure what made me think this was going to be Rory McIlroy.

  3. Swinging good Rory but what about the hair and the dress sense – you've come a long way my man – where was the mention of the loft and lies and correct shaft weight etc……..hmmmm

  4. FordF says:

    What were you wearing 😂

  5. JustJames says:

    Just leave a blank signed cheque and we'll do the rest, see you soon. LOL.

  6. James Brown says:

    this sounds like a sales pitch. whats rorys launch angle? how does that compare to his old clubs, how does it make rory feel? and not enough on lie angle. the fitter is implying that its the forgiveness, not if the lie angles pants and could be altered. rory isnt that skilled a golfer as Mark to be able to change the lie angle.

  7. still love those sticks

  8. wish Titleist would mix their irons. I love the mb in the 8-PW

  9. error129 says:

    So, exactly how many strokes did the change (if Rory followed the advice and got himself the clubs suggested…) shave of his round?

  10. Celegroz says:

    Hoped to see more about the mechanics of determining loft/lie and shaft length. This was really just trying out different models of clubs. This really didn't represent the complete fitting process.

  11. Colin S. says:

    Did you get a deal for the free advertising ?

  12. Nice swing Rory, kinda reminds me of Sergio Garcia's/Ricky Fowler swing!

  13. Darn, I thought Rory McIlroy came to visit with his club fitter! I'm sure you can get him to come, right Mark?

  14. CeeAyCee says:

    The 588TT 6i is bound to go 10 yards further…. It's a 5i in length and loft, just has 6 stamped on the bottom.

  15. Such a terrible fitting, if I paid money for this I would be angry.

  16. Such a terrible fitting, if I paid money for this I would be angry.

  17. EddyUnk says:

    How can you compare clubheads on different heads based on measured data like launch angle and spin if they have separate shafts (the tour model has a KBS shaft, the others TrueTemper). Finding the best shaft first would add more value I'd think.

  18. hello

    i have mactec 865 irons……………flited lite rifle 4.5 shafts……….i tipped them a half a half inch shorter, in your opinion what flex do i have now, as i hit the ball now like i never hit it before…5 handicap ……..???????????????

  19. custom fitting is hugely over rated. Rorys swing is decent, i like it. Lessons and practice will serve him better

  20. this seemed like a bad custom fitting? lie length loft shafts???? cleavland bias ? 

  21. Gareth says:

    What was Rory playing with b4 & has he now moved over to 588's?

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