Golf – Chip Shots with the 8 Iron

To view the next video in this series click: In this video, Presidential golf pro Paige Gilbert demonstrates the steps necessary to improve your chipping technique.


11 Replies to “Golf – Chip Shots with the 8 Iron”

  1. Robbie Moon says:

    Does she swallow though

  2. Robbie Moon says:

    Id try to putt it from that close to the green

  3. Chad Jackson says:

    There are more balls beside her feet after the chip than before. You can see the point they cut out. She clearly hit the first chip wayyy too far and just placed one beside the pin

  4. Good video but show a few shots…

  5. Bob T says:

    You can also putt with the 8 iron.  Lift the shaft more vertical until the heel comes off the ground slightly and use a putting stroke.  Very dependable.

  6. Brad McLeod says:

    like this idea which seems simpler than flying it most of the way….gonna use this some,depending on the situation!

  7. Spots are everything however it's about spin and speed if you land it in the same spot with a 9 iron vs a sw you will have very different results

  8. Connor Heck says:

    in this situation use a 3 or 4 iron or even putter. Stop with this ratio stuff its not math class. Use whats comfortable for u.

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