What Single Digit Handicap Golfers Actually Think About

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What Single Digit Handicap Golfers Actually Think About
0:00 Intro
0:26 Front 9
8:17 Back 9
12:30 Recap


31 Replies to “What Single Digit Handicap Golfers Actually Think About”

  1. David Barker says:

    Hey Adam! I am a recently new subscriber to your channel, and I’ve since used SwingTweaks. Seriously, so much help and very affordable. With that help, hopefully I’ll break 90 before the end of the summer! Thanks for doing what you do!

  2. You gota shop trashing on ur own golf swing. It really isn’t that bad! Don’t listen to the haters.

  3. Eazy Each says:

    Don’t worry about holing every 1 foot putt for the camera. We know you got it. Wadda putta

  4. Braden Reed says:

    Went out in 39 for the first time this weekend! Your channel has really helped me play within myself and stay focused on the shot ahead

  5. aj dileo says:

    I broke 80 for the first time ever this weekend. Couldn't be happier.

  6. Jack Ross says:

    Hey Adam, love your videos! I love your commentary, approach to the game, and how real you are. I think i speak for alot of people when i say i would love to see more long form content from some rounds youve played. Just something to consider, thanks for the great content!

  7. Mr Putz says:

    Pretty bad short game for you this round. Yet you still grind out a low 80 and this fascinates me, as a person playing for 4 years, and stuck in the 120s.

  8. It’s so cool watching this. I am a 11.8 handicap with a flat swing – can relate so much to your game (although your short game is far sharper than mine). Big thanks from a Welshman in the UK 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

  9. WB says:

    Adam, I wouldn't worry about the YouTubers and putting. I'm giving you those two footers all day and so would they if they have watched your videos. On the other hand if you charge it four feet past and we're playing a match you'll have to putt that one. On a side note, is this an old video? Just curious because it seems you have been playing a more consistent draw/hook than most of your tee shots on this video.

  10. Chaplin says:

    Nice round. I'm curious how you got on at Stanford. Did someone host you? Always wanted to play at Tiger's college course. I did grow up a few doors down from his family home in Cerritos prior to leaving the state.

  11. Nik Fledge says:

    nice vid! you can very quickly see how your golf brain works. I've been trying to repeat your methodology with my game and along with some practice the confidence I get talking the preshot plan through and I've very quickly gone from 18 handicap down to 12. It would be a life goal to be a single handicapper!

  12. mercertj says:

    It's hard to think your way around a course when every other shot is a duff, and/or you don't know where it's going to go

  13. Possibly the best golf personality on YouTube. Adam, you have this way of making the viewer think that they are right on the course with you. Keep up the good work man.

  14. Maxwell Golf says:

    Im from Massachusetts and I’m a huge fan of your channel Adam. Your approach to the game has helped me immensely. I’ve always been around a 15 handicap and for the first time in my life I have reached a single digit handicap!! I’m a currently a 9! What I found most helpful is how you analyze every shot and taking the ego out of club selection! Thank you

  15. Jamie Sloan says:

    I shot -5(67) Tuesday at my home course. And +2(73) Saturday, on a strange course. The difference in ball striking was very different in those rounds. However, I approach every hole the same…. I actually do it just the opposite of you. I aim for the center of safety off the tee, just as you do. But, I’ll set up with the intention of hitting a purposely thought out shot “shape”. On a hole where there’s only trouble left, learn how to hit an anti-left shot, even if the fade turns into a bit of a slice. Im basically telling you to eliminate one side, with a very predictable shot shape. It’s hard to play good golf, with a potential two-way miss. Trying to hit a “straight” ball every shot is VERY unpredictable. Especially with driver, or longer clubs. This thought process almost always leaves me a clear shot at the pin. Notice I said PIN. Anything 160, and in, I’m pin hunting. I’m playing every hole for a birdie putt inside of 20’. Birdies are how you go “low”. Your short game is plenty solid enough to save some pars, when you have to. Moral of the story…. Learn a predictable shot shape off the tee. It’s why most pros play a fade now. It’s an easier shot to learn, and the dispersion is more predictable. That way, you’ll never leave yourself in “trouble”(blocked out, hazard, or OB). Then, go for more pins. More birdies will cover up those bad holes. Your putting will reward you with 4-6 birdies per round.

  16. Quick question: will 8 days without swinging a golf club mess my swing up? If so, will an hour at the range take away the issues? I’m a 9 handicap who typically practices 3 hours daily if that helps.

  17. Hayden Redl says:

    Nice looking course, quite hilly. Bet it’s even more so in person as the camera struggles to show depth well. When was this California trip?

  18. Brent says:

    Good to see honest golf!

  19. Nice. I always sing Montell Jordan when I up and down. Shanananana nananaaa

  20. Alexander NH says:

    Thanks for these videos

  21. Course looks like fun but has some tough holes!! One then that I have been working on is what you and Matt preach is to forget the bad shots and concentrate on the next shot!!🏌‍♂⛳😀

  22. DanielSong39 says:

    Seems like course management may have cost you a few strokes on the day
    Camera can be so helpful for these
    You hit some sick shots though

  23. Chris says:

    The approach on 18 was a thing of beauty!

  24. It’s amazing you STILL shot an 82!! Would have been a 90 for sure with me…

  25. John May says:

    Reeeeally needed to take some medicine on 6 there… assuming that was indeed a penalty area you were in.

  26. Golfermanjim says:

    Adam, I’m a new subscriber. It’s infuriating watching you play golf😳I’ve played golf, on and off for almost 30 years, and I’ve never broken 80🫤I have too be the biggest idiot ever to play the game😂😂😂 I can hit the ball farther and I’m decently accurate, but I never score well🫤I enjoy your story and your zeal for the game👍🏻There is something there that I can definitely learn from. Keep on, keeping on my friend, I do throughly enjoy your channel. Keep it coming 🙏🏻

  27. David Hill says:

    It was a pleasure playing with you Adam!

  28. brute5o5 says:

    Do you play from the tips

  29. Zack Miller says:

    Wasn’t expecting a Barbie reference. 😂😂 Nice video

  30. Always elated when you release a new video Adam. Your teaching/coaching has pretty drastically changed how I approach every round and shot. I’m loving the game more than ever and I appreciate your perspective.

  31. Bajo boy says:

    How do you practice your lag putting?

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