Golf – Pitching And Chipping Basics

In this video I explain the difference between chipping and pitching and show the technique for both. Please comment with any questions

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12 Replies to “Golf – Pitching And Chipping Basics”

  1. hey swing station, i just got off work and had a couple beers. cheers! im a shitty chipper and hitting practice chips against some cardboard behind my couch with your lesson.

  2. Jon H. says:

    This is good infomation. Is the weight shift more of a counter balancing of the weight of the arms and club moving? If one is out of balance then the weight has gone beyond the bodies capability to remain stable during transitions or the speed of the swing.

  3. frmer td says:

    it took me 3 yrs to learn to pitch, now im competant. Things that helped.
    1)weight 70% forward.
    2)your right foot should have all weight on inside(instep).this stops leg movement, helping contact. videotape yourself and see if your legs are moving around. you will never get contact if you are "dancing"
    3)never roll the club over after impact. it will a little just bcz of momentum but minimize this.
    4)hear a "thump" as the flange hit. if you dont hear a thump, you didnt hit it right.
    5) i play the ball back toward right big toe, but thats just me.
    6)your hand pressure at impact is what medical people call the index finger, proximal phalanx. that is the pressure point that hits the ground (google it). all pressure is felt there.

  4. Mark Furey says:

    Been working on this for two weeks. You are just a teacher. Also, included you lesson on keeping elbow down with a steeper backswing and have never hit the ball better. Probably one of the best tips I've incorporated in my practice, ever!!!!

  5. lee southz says:

    get your chest left side of the ball is the best tip ever, thanks very much superb

  6. Mike says:

    Robin, I love the videos. I was wondering where your head should while chipping and pitching? Which eye should be over the ball? Thank you.

  7. Maqqa says:

    I loved everything right up to the wrist part. Cheers

  8. Jim West says:

    I'm a lefty. Left and right are not the same for me. How about some proper terminology?

  9. RollYourRock says:

    Robin, I can consistently hit the most beautiful one-handed, 15/30-yard pitch shots off tight lies that land like a sack of divots, but when the left hand is added to the grip, the result is nothing even remotely similar. The big problem is making the transition from one hand to two… how does one go about recreating that same rhythmic flow and shallow swing plane. Robin, I would love to hear your thoughts… thanks, RYR

  10. SwingStation says:

    Thanks again got your kind words and support. Also I am just finishing off my site. Hope it helps your golf

  11. avocat666 says:

    Starting this video with an ‘universal definition’ of the two techniques makes you a great pedagogue, btw the folIowing explanations are so accurate. I Found your channel with your videos of NYC hitting her 6 iron. Wouldn’t be there without her swing I find so effortless and efficient, wouldn’t watch your channel without you on board. There are many golf lessons or drills on youtube and you’re probably one of the best teachers out there. Keep on going.

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