He didn’t expect this!… | £500 Golfclubs4cash CLUB SWAP #golfvlogs #playinggolf #golfer

GRUDGE MATCH | £500 Golfclubs4cash Challenge against James Robinson!… #golfvlogs #playinggolf #golfclubs

In today’s video I have challanged @JamesRobinsonGolf to a £500 Golfclubs4cash CLUB SWAP match at Woolley Park Golf Club!

If you’re familiar with the channel, you will know this is a BIG GRUDGE match!

Come check out what’s in our £500 golf club sets, and find out who wins the REMATCH!

Welcome to Gary Martin Golf, I am a PGA Professional based at Huddersfield Golf Club, West Yorkshire. I started my YouTube channel during lockdown whilst being Furloughed and unable to work.

My goal is to be the peoples golf YouTuber. All my help and advise unbiased with our subscribers best interest at heart. I want to share my knowledge and understanding of golf and golf products, to help other golfers avoid making all the mistakes I did in my 20 years playing and working within golf!

It’s free to get on board, hit the subscribe button, and let’s share all our golfing moments together!

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Thank you for watching!

Gary Martin


23 Replies to “He didn’t expect this!… | £500 Golfclubs4cash CLUB SWAP #golfvlogs #playinggolf #golfer”

  1. Congratulations on the win Gaz, the pair of you have played great golf and really entertained us

  2. GAZ that was awesome! Do another vlog with ROBO using an inexpensive golf ball!

  3. Michael R says:

    Enjoyed watching both those vlogs with James. And finally you got a win on the board against him 🏆😄 well played Gaz.
    Yes you's need to take on a few course records scramble style. Maybe even a 4man scramble with you James, Chris an Bry Roberts would be good 🏌️

  4. Great stuff Gaz. That day must have been so enjoyable! I loved bot vlogs. You played some great golf! But can you beat me with my Dynapower driver?? 😂😂😂😂😂

  5. Best U tube evening I’ve had for ages Great golf, good entertainment. Thanks

  6. jeff bates says:

    Gary great video. Good job

  7. Great to see you enjoying golf. Your recent content has been spot on.
    You can tell in your vlogs something has changed. You are coming across full of confidence. 👍
    You really do demonstrate quality golf and keep everything positive and professional.
    I would appreciate more content on course management.
    Keep enjoying your golf.
    Well done.
    Cheers John

  8. Graham Fox says:

    Iv had a great year buying clubs, I intially I paid £185 for big bertha CF19's 5-SW, then £130 for a 4 and 5 B21 hybrids. So far this year I've picked up PXG Gen5 0311 XF's in driver £140, 3 wood just £97 and 5 wood for £129. Then a used one time set of PXG 0211 dualcor just 6 months old for £150, and my last pick up is an as new Scotty Cameron Phantom X 12.5 for £180.

    I initially wanted good recent clubs for a decent price, but suddenly I find myself 75% of the way to filling 2 bags. One PXG and one Callaway. My future pick ups/desires are a PXG gen5 7 wood, and one or two of the following. Odyssey toulon Chicago or Las Vegas, Odyssey tri hot 5k 7 or double wide. I'm probably giving away my plans here but there are lovely Miura KM-009 and Edel E2 putters on ebay I wouldn't mind adding to my growing collections. Iv also noticed Honma clubs are great value. So a premium Japanese bag could soon be on my budget wish list.

    It's not just cheaper buying secondhand it's also great fun.

  9. Gary Davis says:

    Gaz, those Mizuno 850s have your name on them.

  10. AJ M says:

    Be the CLOOB 😅 nice vid fellas 👍

  11. Tim Dench says:

    Nice twist after the 18 vlog. Very watchable. Thanks. BTW, what were your clubs Gaz?

  12. Hurray. You won. Should have the other but you are both playing great. More 18 holders please

  13. Fraz Simpson says:

    Well done gaz, it’s been a long time coming

  14. Roy Close says:

    Well done gaz 🏌‍♂️ 😊

  15. Oh Gary… had such high hopes! Great match on other channel. Keep those irons. Best you’ve hit them since I started watching u. Playing a match with good friends is the best!!!!!

  16. Mark Harsley says:

    Hi Gary, have a word with James as he now has a set of Eleven hybrid irons, you could borrow them and do a review of them?

  17. Brian Murray says:

    Good win Gaz. Haven't watch the maych yet on James channel it's almost 1am here

  18. Really enjoyed the Vlog.started vlogging again myself now. Got to sort out you and Popps

  19. Stuey Leach says:

    Nice win mate…dont let him blame it on the baby! Beat him fair n square there lol

  20. Great video guys 👍

  21. Brian Foster says:

    It’s like watching little & large when you two are together, fatherhood means that James is getting a bit chunky. Now is your best chance ever Gaz to beat him, he can’t play as much at the moment. Make hay whilst the bloody rain is falling!!

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