Hisense U8K TV Review | Best Kept Secret of 2023

It may not be absolutely perfect, but the Hisense U8K is probably the best kept secret in TV for 2023. Sure, enthusiasts are in on it, but if the average consumer catches wind how good this TV is for the price, Hisense won’t be able to make them fast enough.

🛒 From Best Buy: https://howl.me/cj58w8Q5lUN
🛒 From Amazon: https://amzn.to/3pSa7gv



Hisense U8K unboxing: https://youtu.be/8hhm8_wxbmY
Are TCL and Hisense the Next Samsung and LG?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2U2B9umbG88
Hisense UX TV in 2023, 144Hz Panels, Mini-LED, and … the NBA?: https://youtu.be/os_Jv4dePEY

Hisense’s NBA partnership is a slam dunk for the brand: https://www.digitaltrends.com/home-theater/hisense-nba-partnership-brand-stragegy/
Hisense debuts the UX, its brightest mini-LED TV at CES 2023: https://www.digitaltrends.com/home-theater/hisense-uled-x-ux-ces-2023/

Models in Hisense U8K: 55-inch: (55U8K), 65-inch: (65U8K), 75-inch: (75U8K)


00:00 Intro
01:17: U8K Series Overview
02:37 Picture Quality
03:20 Brightness
04:25 Color Accuracy
07:37 Motion Resolution
07:59 Upscaling
08:40 Gaming
09:23 Key Takeaways
10:26 Black Levels & Backlight
11:55 Tone-Mapping
14:00 Final Thoughts


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49 Replies to “Hisense U8K TV Review | Best Kept Secret of 2023”

  1. Ethan says:

    So tl;dr – Better than last year's U8H? What I'm hearing there's a lot of caveats with the U8K

  2. Waiting on the comparison video for sure. This should be a very close battle.

  3. Edd Moats says:

    About a year ago I bought a Hisense U8G. I am a senior citizen on a fixed income with health issues. It was a major expense for me. Just several weeks after the warranty expired, my Hisense TV expired. It is just a worthless paperweight now. I called Hisense and they said that since it was over a year old they would not do anything about it, even though it was merely a matter of several weeks past. I don't care what the specs state, if the TV doesn't work, the specs are worthless. And Hisense couldn't help me because it was only several weeks past the one year mark. I will never buy another Hisense product no matter how good the specs are.

  4. Does anyone know if the U8K halves the resolution in 4k120 like the U8H and TCL do?

  5. James Darden says:

    i really dislike how makers started putting the legs at the end of the panels instead of keeping with a center pedestal. I'm sure they are angling at owners wall mounting their TVs but for some of us wall mounting is not an option and we would like something that looks more aesthetically pleasing than a couple of things that look like an afterthought. Who makes a good sturdy aftermarket pedestal stand for a 65" or 75" panel?

  6. Shecki says:

    Where is the 85"? When does Hisense plan on releasing that thing?

  7. renzo beggia says:

    HI Caleb, is this TV as good as an OLED , say LG C3 what would you prefer in your living room ? the bright one, or the dark one ? 😉

  8. C'mon Hisense, "U8K" and it's not 8K resolution? Really??

    That is DELIBERATELY deceptive. Sneaky business practices as you try to mislead your customers. I'll not buy one of your TV's, there are better, more honest companies around.

  9. Are these made in China? 🇨🇳

  10. Jose De Leon says:

    I think the 75" has the ips/ads

  11. Is it there a backlight bleeding problem with the tv? I saw a review on bestbuy showing backlight bleeding when is the tv all black example changing input tv, i just eant to make sure thats not a problem with this one because i just returned a qned tv from lg for this reason…

  12. Colin Booth says:

    When my 2016 3D LG OLED dies, I might buy one of these. The missus wants a 77" though. Typical. They always want a bigger one…

  13. And this is why I rather buy TCL QM8. If you got a defective unit from Hisense I'm sure there are a lot more out their.
    Plus TCL QM8 specs are better.

  14. Phil Webb says:

    6:30 Being an amateur photographer, I don't understand why professional TV calibrators set color mode to warm-anything to do a white balance and color calibration. Shouldn't you use standard mode to get 6500K? The warm and cool modes are for making the picture warmer or cooler than normal, like, in this case, 3400K for warm 1, 5000K for warm 2, and 9000K for cool. It's like poor man's color grading.

  15. Daniel says:

    I keep seeing that this U8K, and the previous U8H, both use an "8 Bit + FRC" panel instead of a true 10 Bit panel… Is that REALLY as bad as some people are making it out to be?

  16. cashrjr23 says:

    won't last a year

  17. Dev. says:

    I had Sony fans clutching their pearls in my replies of the impressions video for this TV & it was hilarious because outside of motion handling, this TV seems as good or better in every other area that matters. Sony's midrange LED TVs have been mid for 2 straight generations now; it's time people start accepting that.

  18. Finally! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  19. DRIPPINGFOOT says:

    @digitaltrends would you choose this or the LG C2 ?

  20. Hi sir .
    How are you.
    You can explain me.
    The best picture setting for my TV TCL 55c725 android 4k….. please sir

  21. It pretty consistently has bad reviews….

  22. Peter Hung says:

    Thanks for the introduction of Hisense U8K 65". Awesome colours.

  23. sully dee says:

    good review now we need 85 inch see what ips panel looks and works like and see how it up converts basic tv 480/720/1080

  24. Matthew Owen says:

    Sony 65" Class – A80CK Series – 4K UHD OLED vs U8K? What is the better tv? Thanks

  25. YOU ARE THE BEST Caleb – What TV you can recommend to use as a PC Monitor for work and gaming 4K/ 120Hz GSync and/or Freesync or more and around 48"-55" HIGHEST PPI also GLOSSY also good brightness, contrast and so on ! BUT NOT KILLER EXPENSIVE and not necesarly 2023 Model. Thanks 💗

  26. Matthew Owen says:

    Is this the same tv as Costco Hisense 75" Class – U75K Series – 4K UHD Mini-LED ULED TV

    Item 9075075 Model 75U75K? Thanks

  27. The one thing these “reviewers” ALWAYS forget is TV duration (i.e. how long they last). My experience with Hisense is that they last maybe two or three years and then components begin to fail. Sony, on the other hand, tend to cost more out of the gate but can last a decade or longer.

  28. Zack Wheat says:

    If motion, like 1080p sports is important to you, get the Sony X90L instead. “Stop the FOMO’s” YT comparison confirmed what I saw in a store. If motion is isn’t a big deal, don’t pay a Sony tax.

  29. jason h says:

    So what's the price of the TV? It hasn't been released so there's officially no price as of yet..but you said the price is great??

  30. Can someone explain the whole eARC being on HDMI 2.1 and not being on it. Looking to get a new TV and the only thing that will be hooked up to it is my Xbox Series X. Thanks in advance.

  31. Nick B says:

    I'm torn between TV's for the bedroom. I have a tcl 6 series that I love in the living room. I can get the U8H for just over 500 open box. Should I go for that, spring for the U8h, or go with the Q7?

  32. biber says:

    And in the meanwhile stupid idiots from Hisense(and other Chinese companies) want to charge us(other markets) 220% more than American customers…and probably give us worse tvs with the same name.

  33. adstix says:

    Great review!
    Please do a head to head with the TCL QM8

  34. yryo says:

    I think it is safe to say they “know who you are”. And by contacting them on an issue, it feels like it either got calibrated or a golden sample was handpicked. I think the pre-calibration picture accuracy tests don’t mean much unless the sample is actually from the retail.

  35. UniqueJ says:

    Where's the 85 inch version!?

  36. GBass says:

    Thx for adding this! Could you plz always add off axis color accuracy to your reviews? If you have to be at exactly perpendicular to the screen surface, that doesn't cover most people's viewing angle. The U8H is notorious for bad off axis accuracy and is a drag and frustrating that nobody was reporting on that in any review I saw.

  37. Would you say this is better than last years 6 series r655?

  38. Tarek Z says:

    No so thrilled at that white balance performance in warm2. Were you able to calibrate it to acceptable levels?

    Unfortunate b/c 99% of us can't calibrate

  39. VICTOR KOC says:

    Does the 8 bit panel make any difference to your opinion?

  40. Just came back from Best Buy. Unlike in the past when Hisense only had one mid-level TV on display, this year they actually have the U8K on display (75" size with ips panel unfortunately) and it looks fantastic.

  41. Greg N says:

    Can I use this as a PC monitor in a bright room?

  42. Patrick B. says:

    Can anyone confirm for me that the bigger the screen the more local dimming zones it has ? I am deciding between a 55 or 65 here and the amount of dimming zones is a deal breaker for me

  43. Could some of the color accuracy and banding shortfalls be because of its 8-bit panel? The TCL QM8 and other more premium TVs use 10-bit panels.

  44. beanis says:

    The 75" has an IPS panel and there is no real deep-dive review of it. It's hard to say how much of this review carries over to it.

  45. So nobody's going to talk about the nitnerd license plate at 9:03?

  46. beanis says:

    What do you have taped out on the box? Red logo you don't want to show.

  47. Bob D says:

    How is it against OLED or QD-OLED?

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