How To Find Your Golf Swing – Lesson Basics

Improve your golf swing with this simple golf lesson. Strike your irons pure with 3 swing tips that will change your golf swing forever.

These golf swing basics fro beginners and everyday golfers will allow you to build a consistent golf swing no matter your age or ability.

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Welcome to the Mark Crossfield Golf Channel! If you’re looking for world-class golf instruction and honest equipment reviews, you’ve come to the right place.

Mark is the original professional golfer content creator with a passion for helping others improve their game. On this channel, you’ll find various videos featuring golf tips, advice, and drills to help you play better golf and reduce your handicap. From fixing your slice and hook to driving the golf ball longer and straighter and improving your ball striking, Mark has over 25 years of coaching expertise to help you become a better golfer.

In addition to instructional videos, you’ll also find equipment reviews to help you make informed decisions on the best gear for your game. Whether you’re a beginner looking to get started in golf or an experienced player looking to take your game to the next level, Mark Crossfield Golf has something for you. Tune in and start your journey to better golf today!

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21 Replies to “How To Find Your Golf Swing – Lesson Basics”

  1. Ramon Roca says:

    Hi Mark, I follow your videos for a long time and the release is always a great difficulty for amateurs. Do you use the same release/square the face technique for all your clubs?. It would be very revealing to see the differences if there are differences between pitching, mid iron and wood/driver.

  2. Its happy gilmore putting!!!!

    Love it, will be taking this to the range/course

  3. Darola says:

    I’d hate to have a lesson with you, you’d rip me to shreds 😂 – but your videos are top draw, this together with the recent Pete Cowan video is brilliant for feeling the move in to impact. Keep it up Mark! 👍

  4. Andrew Stead says:

    I apologise Mark, I left you for a few years for other YT content. Having rediscovered you over recent times as the other providers have become media 'empires' and more focussed on navel gazing. I forgot what I liked about your videos at the start, simple straightforward and direct advice. My backswing has changed considerably in the past 3 weeks and I thank you for that. Yes, we all chase the next big thing but sometimes less is most definitely more!!

  5. Nathe says:

    Hey I actually came up with myself awhile ago. To my fellow Americans and Canadians this should not look relatively new. Mark' is doing a hockey swing. Literally change out the golf club to a hockey stick it's the same swing. Like I said I came up with after shooting a puck around and had a little bulb moment that's because a hockey shot is an in to out swing and makes you stay down. This drill and a couple others have greatly improved my swing. Thanks Mark.

  6. 0331 says:

    Tryin to figure why I’m overdrawing the irons by 20-50 yards or more😂

  7. j1166240 says:

    Great Demonstration Mark! This is definitely something I will work on. I'm one of the guys who flares to the right often when my swing starts going wrong. I think I lose my spine tilt early as you described. Jeff

  8. Wilb says:

    Hi Mark, thank you for mentioning being a "heavy rotator". The differences of natural body rotation are essential, especially for the average golfers like me. Hints/tips like: Change your rotation or close the clubface in the backswing would wreck my swing completely. Different golfers, different needs. My swing: heavy rotation, low tilt, steep angle of attack, causing a natural fade

  9. Great lesson, thank you! 👍

  10. Solomon Li says:

    Awesome Mark! I just love how the logic and goals behind the drill is just so clear. This is great for me since I’ve hardly found any time lately to do any practice at the range or time on the course… Now I gotta make some space at home for me to move around. LOL.

  11. Another great drill I need to use when I practice. Thanks again for the awesome content Mark

  12. If you read these comments, can you do a video on standing too close with the driver. I think this may be my problem, hands hang straight down in set up but in down swing they extend out and I think it’s causing me to subconsciously adjust and come over the top. Love the videos very educational

  13. C Kramer says:

    You just taught us how to make a ‘slap shot’ in hockey. 🤔

  14. Fantastic tips and exercise Mark. Thank you.

  15. Great instructions and video

  16. Great lesson as always.

  17. Thanks, Mark – love your channel. You make simple sense out of the most complicated instruction in a way that most people can understand.

  18. andy baker says:

    Hi Mark , i really do like your videos and love the instructional work you put in HOWEVER , you and many of the on line trainers concentrate on the concept of rotation, and by that I mean rotation of the body, which is very difficult to achieve because the average bloke cannot focus on the body whilst trying to hit an object with the arms.
    NOW.. There is another way to achieve the same thing…cause and effect. Pete Cowan explains a principle to do with the rotation of the forearms which if performs correctly CAUSES the body to rotate. Please stop thinking like a pro and start thinking like a duffer and give us things that we can do. Not things we really cant.
    Just a thought …from a duffer..

  19. Enzy says:

    There's another good variation of this drill where you put the shaft across your shoulders instead of in your hands, and do the same thing, getting the club face down into the ideal impact position using your body rotation and getting that right shoulder down. Here's the example:

  20. Can you do this drill with a driver?

  21. gabeee says:

    this feels like the ultimate gamechanger that might change my out to in swing path. cant wait to try it on course. and looking forward to Lou to giving this a go!

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