Tired of Your Same Old Driver? Learn How to Pick Your Best Driver Yet!

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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  1. I play a 11degree G30 with a 43" 5 wood shaft. It matches the performance of my 9.5 degree g400 with ust proforce 65 regular shaft 44". I'm a tinkerman. Smooth deliberate swinger.

  2. Just subbed good job!!!!

  3. A great video , including excellent advice.

  4. Dave Hurley says:

    Would you go in to a fitting with a open mind on brands ?? Or say to the fitter fit me to this club and only this club ?? Titleist tsi3 or sim max etc etc

  5. What’s your driver loft?

  6. Donald Carr says:

    Enjoyed the video. Good advice and information. I use the Ping G15 12° draw bias with the regular shaft which works well for me. Thanks for posting.

  7. J G says:

    should I bother getting fitted while I'm still learning? I feel like it would be pointless since my swing is still so inconsistent.

  8. Bryan Begley says:

    excellent as usual

  9. Been playing two months and have learned a lot from your videos, thanks!

  10. Joe Dubiel says:

    I like the way you come across in these reviews. Nice delivery. This driver stuff does need to be talked about. Spider Dubiel

  11. ADL9 says:

    my driver launches low then just sky high and dies in the air. seems like i have a 5 yard roll out max! what would be the solution, its a stiff shaft 9.5 degree.

  12. ADL9 says:

    105-108mph….. crying in the back**

  13. Willdabeast says:

    Owen wilson twin??

  14. That was very useful…thanks for taking the time to upload this

  15. KeenCrafting says:

    Or do what I do, grab a good 6 year old model on Ebay and give it a go… Rick Shiels has proven shaft flex doesn't really have much effect with shots. But if it makes people feel badass to carry an X-Stiff shaft… Cool dude! Great video!

  16. Enjoyed this….INFORMATIVE !!! I am a senior and getting back into golf after 5 years without swinging a club. Replacing my 12 year old 'old tech' Titelist driver. This was an excellent video. Hit a used, PING G30 yesterday at the range. WOW!!! But….will continue to try other drivers after watching this. I will watch MORE of your videos for sure!!!

  17. X Bookman says:

    I'm a beginner…6ft 2. 235 lbs & very powerful…what type of club would you recommend. Shaft length?

  18. Hi I’ve found a 12 degree Teitleist driver 913 or915 D2 with an L flex shaft 44” to be the best for me. Loft and light weight best for slow swing seniors like me. Still staying competitive with much younger players . Love the game as much as in my younger days. Thanks for this video it’s right on

  19. Tj Lewis says:

    Thank you for the info

  20. plusfour1 says:

    Is it ok just to choke up on the driver or trim it a little to improve strike quality or would you need to buy a shaft that is made to a particular length? Also, would other factors like spin rate change as well? (I have seen another video from somebody else where this was implied)

  21. Jason Lewis says:

    always love your honesty!

  22. Using the same driver, same shaft. Thoughts on volvik XT?

  23. Running Bird says:

    Hey, I'm trying to get a new driver and I was wondering if I should get a new one or a used one. Are the used ones bad or are they basically the same? Thanks in advance

  24. hi, im 17 and started golfing around 6 months ago, ive found that i swing my driver very hard and fast, and without hitting the ground and just making contact with the ball, i break drivers very easily, is there any tips or tricks you know that can help me, p.s, i average 325 yards per drive

  25. Yer a cool guy, Clay, but this video blows. Get to the point.

  26. I'm 12 I hit my 9 iron 140 when it's flushed. Is that bad

  27. Chris S says:

    Good info!
    I play an 85 gram aldila stiff flex, high kick point that I got for $20 on eBay. I love it but it took years for me to really find something that worked for me.
    If you have a place where you can hit different clubs, take advantage of that! You'll save a ton of money.

  28. never got fitted for my driver/woods. I bought 915's in R flex Diamana blueboards cut down .5" (60g driver, 70g fairway wood). Not sure about clubhead speed but I can hit a 9 iron from 135-140 yards and play Project X PXi 5.5 in my irons. Something tells me the flex on my driver is too soft, but my skill level with the driver is still fairly poor. Would there be any point in me getting fit for shafts in my clubs or should I just try and work with the stock R flex shafts they came with? Been considering getting stiff flex Fujikura shafts. Weight is good but the shafts seem to bend a lot, even my iron shafts on high speed camera bend a lot at impact. Is this the norm or am I overloading them?

  29. Arvind Das says:

    Interesting stock shaft for oem is 3 to 5 bucks wow!

  30. From what I understand from Tom Wishon, who is considered the Master at understanding the fitting of equipment to individual swings, has said that shaft flex would not be fit for swing speed only. How, how quickly, and where the club is loaded on the backswing and when and how the clubhead is unloaded in the downswing play much more vitally than shaft flex only in shaft fittings. The old convention of whippier (softer) shafts for slow swing speeds and stiffer shafts for higher swing speeds are not backed-up with empirical data. For instance the player with a later clubhead release could play stiffer shafts and earlier releases may play softer shafts regardless of swing speed. This is just one aspect; shaft kickpoint, torque, length, weight, ball, head face angle are all just as significant information to properly fit any player. All numbers are just that….information. The professional clubfitter should be able to understand all numbers the equipment is supposed to exhibit as well as what the player exhibits and pair the two together for the best launch angle and total distance.

  31. Thanks for the explanation planning to get a new driver!

  32. Your explanations are so great and easy to understand, love your channel, keep those videos coming.👍

  33. Great info thanks, What make the drivers so expensive. Is it the expense of the shaft?? Does spin effect the distance on the ball?

  34. Enstrom says:

    Thanks Clay..Great Info

  35. Chuck Norris says:

    this guy loves his shaft

  36. Bob Pfaff says:

    The shaft you are using has some age on it like your club head. I'm with you – find something you like and stick with it. My driver is nearly 4 years old and it is 44.5" long even though I am 6'1". When a manufacturer advertises a club as "being longer" it is usually because they have paired it with a 45.5" or 46" shaft – any fool can do that.

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