How to Stop Topping Golf Shots

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If you are a player that struggles with topping the golf ball this How to Stop Topping Golf Shots video is for you. We talk about what causes the top and how to correct your swing technique. In the reverse pivot we end up leaning the wrong way in the up swing and in the downswing you over compensate and and end up coming up into the ball into contact. This causes the top as well as hitting then. When we start correcting this, immediately we see better contact and energy transfer. So get these keys and start making solid contact.

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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13 Replies to “How to Stop Topping Golf Shots”

  1. Matt Malloff says:

    Does this apply to the driver too?

  2. Jerry Warren says:

    Try teaching that to an amateur.. you guys are all the same you think everybody swings like you do

  3. gli azzurri says:

    This is the only video that addressed my problem. I cannot thank you enough. The last month or so I thought I’d completely forgot how to play. Took your advice to the range yesterday and hit my driver so loud it hurt my ear. Also hit a couple 4 iron shots purer than ever before. Not saying Ill be down to a 10 handicap soon, but this will definitely help my consistency. God bless ya.

  4. How can I make my self make a full swing I stop at my shoulder

  5. Hi Clay. I love your videos, they've helped me a lot. One of my biggest problems though, is when I try to hold the lag through contact I always end up chunking shots. I rarely top shots, but I struggle with chunking bad. Dealing with golfers elbow this off season as well. Any tips on stretches for golfers elbow? Thanks!

  6. John T says:

    I've change my swing pattern and introduced some topping. Basically what I have changed is my front hip works behind me coming into impact. Basically I'm clearing my front hip quite more than before. This has now introduced tops which I rarely had before. Any advice how to clear front hip w/o topping.

  7. Hi Clay, great vids man. I have a question, I am a senior & a newbie who is a short 5'-6" I use regular irons. When I put that club out in front on set up I have a 3/4 gap under the toe end of the club. It does not lie parallel with the ground, the only way I can get level ground contact is by raising the grip end to a degree that I would have to be standing too close to the ball. The shorter irons 8,,9,PW etc feel much more comfortable,consistent and accurate. I guess I'm not the only one who experiences this. It's fear and dread with anything longer than a 7 There must be many short guys out there who feel the same who use reg clubs.

  8. tompski says:

    Great video, again. Thank you!

  9. tory881069 says:

    Thank you! More in depth with the red lines and where my position should be

  10. Hey Mr. Balard, I just want to thank you for all of your videos. I have never been able to afford a lesson; however , I have learned on my own and the golf channel. I feel your videos help out really well and I appreciate that you take the time to do them. Thanks again.

  11. Sui-Beam says:

    that backward shot would put phil mickelson to shame though…

  12. Thanks for the awesome videos. Keep them coming!

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