Ping G430 LST Fairway Wood – This thing can do some tricks

Hello all! thanks for watching this video and all other videos! Todays club of choice is the Ping G430 LST Fairway Wood. A.J. has been loving this club since he received it. Come on in the shop and try one out for yourself!

Check out what our staff is playing:
Alex Daniel:
A.J. Rosati:
Ned Weaver:
Ian Hardesty:
Sam Hardesty:
Randy Dietz:

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  1. suprand says:

    The ping g430 line is sooo good this year. Loving the 2 hybrid. Will have to give this lst 3 wood a try! What’s the most forgiving low spin driver in your opinion ? I’m a negative aoa player and struggle off the tee w high spin. About 102 mph ss.

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