Are these Golf Clubs Big Brand killers?! Can they take on the likes of Callway Golf, Taylormade golf or even Cobra Golf?

The Caley 01T irons review did not disappoint.

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28 Replies to “This GOLF CLUB is KILLING the BIG BRANDS!!”

  1. Dude, you are perfect for you tube🤩. Love your personality. Very entertaining

  2. Nathan B says:

    I’ve got a set of Takomo 101 and 101T’s. They are super easy to hit and lofted just like the P790 and P770. I’ve played them a full season and no issues with durability or anything like that.

    They claim the biggest reason that they can keep their prices that low is due to not having to pay pros to use their clubs. The big name brands are just expensive due to having to pay pros to tour with their clubs for advertising

  3. Aris Andrews says:

    By the time a golf club reaches the consumer it’s marked up 75%. If and when the economy dips and golf starts hurting I wouldn’t be surprised to see the big boys follow this method of delivery to the customer.

  4. Martin Dupuy says:

    Great video!!!
    Takomo 101 or 101t

  5. You say put in the comments a DTC club to try.
    Try Golfworks TS3 Irons

  6. Eric Myers says:

    How can this channel not have a million subscribers?! Criminal.

  7. Haywood especially the driving iron and blades

  8. Brian Gill says:

    Awesome looking irons. Love the new segment. 🇦🇺

  9. Randy Mahony says:

    OK Alex review the Takoma.

  10. The only issue I've seen with Caley and Stix, is that the shafts snap at an unusually high rate. But if you get a good set, then it's a win.

  11. So my experience with direct to consumer clubs is with a brand called pine meadow. I've used one of their hybrids, I have an iron set of theirs from the '90s, and I have one of their more modern wedges. The looks of all the clubs are great, but I'm not sure how big their market share is? As far as I know, I'm the only one that's ever heard of them other than the guys at my local play it again sports who have sold me a couple of them

  12. Not happy Al …… it appears there is not left handed option 🤬

  13. Love the video. Congratulations on your son. Can you get BombTech brand over the pond to try?

  14. Sir TogII says:

    As somebody who uses hollow body irons (PXG) I have to say these look absolute mint! I'd like to see them side by side with Mizuno's hollow body sticks cause they were my favourites visually before.

  15. Rocket Man says:

    Good review Al, also nice to see you wearing your school uniform before the new term starts next month!

  16. Alan Rutland says:

    Congratulations Alex on Leo. Happy for you both. Hope both mother and son doing well.

  17. Here in the states the irons your playing are $649

  18. Jason Davis says:

    Takomo especially since these are basically a copy of the Takomo 101T’s.

  19. Num says:

    Loved the intro, had me laughing from the jump

  20. So what's the company that makes these, Haywoods, and Rams? They are all the same iron just with different logos.

  21. Ian Bennett says:

    Well, I'm selling my Stealth irons at the moment to buy a set of Caley irons and wedges.
    No import tax like Takomo's!

  22. Oliver Carl says:

    Bought them plus the wedge set. The best clubs I've ever bought plenty buck fir your bang

  23. Soren S says:

    Hey Al! Been loving the course vlogs hope you get to 100k soon!

  24. love watching Al, would like to see you review other stuff like Amazon kitchen products. Would be hilarious.

  25. I've told you 40 million times not to exaggerate Alex…

  26. Sadly the offset on these irons is absolutely too high and lofts are jacked too low. The 4-Iron is 20 degrees with 3.3mm of offset.

  27. Vince says:

    Awesome video great to see you here in Northern Ireland you going to any other courses here?

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