I Waited a YEAR To Play This Fun Tournament | 9 Holes w/ the 2023 Trilogy Challenge Discs

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27 Replies to “I Waited a YEAR To Play This Fun Tournament | 9 Holes w/ the 2023 Trilogy Challenge Discs”

  1. Sam Kludt says:

    Absolutely hate the Vandal lmao

  2. I got the same purple vandal. Wiped it and now it’s sick. Didn’t throw it well the day of the trilogy but I love that disc now.

    And yeah the warship is useless.

  3. Trevor Parks says:

    I bag a warship, and it is by far my favourite disc. Straight at the basket and it's barely going to turn, but it loves to fly!

  4. brekko says:

    Jonathon is a gem

  5. Shawn White says:

    @1:59 you said Doo doo 💩 I too started w/Jonathan's videos and have loved learning and laughing from him and Johanneness. I'm about 9 months in now from learning that disc golf existed and having started playing. Your videos have been very entertaining and helpful. I've watched every one now. Please keep up the great content. I'm especially enjoying the daily uploads.

  6. the reason all the courses are lush with green is cuz right after you left Denver, we had massive floods that had standing water in all the disc golf parks. All that water helped fuel the growth of all plants and grasses 😁

  7. JT Nob says:

    Anthony do you want to play with the circuit challenge discs. Come to the springs and you can play 9 with my discs.

  8. miggy says:

    I don't think latitude orbit is the same as innova halo. I think I've heard they just use two colors of fuzion (or whatever their plastic is) so the whole disc is the same plastic, where innova uses a different kind of star blend in the rim (which i think might be more dense?) Which makes halo "more durable" and more OS.

    But i found one of the trilogy vandals in a used bin a week after the challenge and i love it. Great flippy 9 speed. Reminds me of a valkyrie or stable sidewinder.

  9. I took 2nd in the Trilogy Challenge I played in. -5 and got some sweet prizes. 🔥 didn’t throw the warship at all.. vandal (black/orange and pure red/white only. Lol

  10. I played one and won it, the discs are great.

  11. Dude, yes- we're putting on a Circuit Challenge next weekend and I'm so excited about playing it. They always have new discs/plastics that you may not otherwise try- like that Vandal you're carving with haha

  12. DC7 says:

    I'm signed up for the trilogy challenge in about a week now!

  13. Just gotta throw out my love for the guy also. When I first started playing disc golf I was on YouTube and discovered latitude 64. Jonathan just starting doing their videos around that time. The dude was not only a beginner like myself but he was funny and having fun while teaching and learning.
    He did a video reviewing the different latitude 64 bags and asked what we used to carry our discs. I was using a work cooler. Lmao! I told him about it and the guy told me to email him my address and he would send me the extra bag that was just laying around at the warehouse for freeee. I sent him the address.
    Jonathan sent me a sick bag and signed it also. And.. threw in a orange Royal Grace Prototype. (took it to PDXO and had the Champ herself sign it)🔥🔥🔥 dude will always be my first disc golf hero. ❤️

  14. Ryan mayer says:

    outros ALWAYS getting better!

  15. Brian Bloom says:

    I'm a brand new player, just started throwing discs a couple months ago, but I already signed up for a trilogy challenge tournament next month just to push myself to practice more. Wish me luck! 😅

  16. Wade Spruill says:

    As much as I like some videos, I absolutely hate the whole "pay me" mentality. Get a job and play disc golf as a hobbie.

  17. I don't think the circuit challenge is limited to the three player pack discs, just signed up for one and it said you can use your whole bag.

  18. I switched my putting putter from the MVP Ion to the Pure after I played that tournament. I hated the Vandal, but that was probably more the course. It was heavily wooded with no open holes. So, I didn't have any space to figure out how the Vandal flew.

  19. Okie Tradez says:

    whats the deal the the mustache lol.. all i can hear in my head when i see it is the song from a million ways to die in the west mustache song lmao.. is it good luck or what??

  20. Hilarious hint on what the new stamp might be. 😆

  21. Frank Cowan says:

    Vandal stamp
    Bananaman spray painting a wall.

  22. I just want a stack of those Pures. Hard to find white, Retro Pures unless you purchase directly from Latitude.

  23. mcmisko says:

    you should do the MVP circuit event too!

  24. DamnMyEyes says:

    I played Trilogy challenge last weekend. I manage to find a 180g Warship and it was fantastic. May be the straightest disc I ever thrown. We also found that the Black and Orange Vandal was flippier than some of the other colors.

  25. Yuck. Better not be mustache stamps, Boy

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