Is this the WORST Worms?! – Worms Golf

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35 Replies to “Is this the WORST Worms?! – Worms Golf”

  1. Rick Ryan says:

    if Ross were a GoT character, he'd be "Little Worm Finger"…

  2. Jamie Aubrey says:

    I was expecting this to been like Worms and Golf with all the fun of killing each other but like they said, cashgrab ipad game by the looks of it

  3. Alvarado says:

    I love how this is becoming a worms channel.

    Edit: Something to keep in mind is game is dirt cheap.

  4. L B says:

    Maybe mix it up from the Minecraft/Worms rotation. For your own sakes, must be a bit mundane by now, surely.

  5. systemsmoke says:

    Smith doesn't look happy to be playing this game hahaha, did you guys fall out before playing?

  6. Pjs 27188 says:

    Oh God its the music and the birds that are putting me to sleep…that and the absolute NOTHING that is the game its self! Why did they do this? What made T17 think "we need a golf game"?

  7. EkkOwl says:

    worms world party was my favourite as a kid

  8. Jon Eales says:

    As a long time subscriber I have really been enjoying your exploration of the various Worms franchise titles!
    One game that I remember fondly (that is different to the standard format) that you should definitely check out is Worms: Forts!
    I'm not sure what the 3-player looks like on this, but the gameplay was really good – it's also 3D so a totally different perspective!

  9. What a charming little ditty of game! I'm a big worms fan and didn't even realise this existed! and, it's not really THAT terrible, honestly, and I don't know why they are surprised that it's not a "Traditional" worms game. It's not unusual for developers to make other games with their same characters… Like Crash Bandicoot or Mario having racing games or arcade alternatives like Mario party, tennis, crash team racing, crash bash, and loads more. Maybe they had a a long day or something. (But of course I can see many ways the game could be improved, and it would be cool having a cool, explosive PvP element to it, but not necessary!)

    This game is clearly tailored to younger people, yeah, but it's colourful design (resolution aside) is nice on the eyes and i like the cute soundtrack! So Instead of focusing on only the negative reviews, realise there's a lot of good reviews that explain well why it's still fun for anyone, especially worms fans who like the characters 🙂 Like myself, and I'm sure many others! I'd watch more!

  10. Paddy Bickle says:

    there's a yogscast review on steam for the game

  11. Plz play like every worm game 😂

  12. DrunkToad says:

    honestly a couch co-op would be better ahah

  13. _ C _ says:

    Honestly I adore the shit out of the worms videos, so them playing any and every worms game is fucking perfect 😂

  14. Evan Kingery says:

    Revisit house party lol. It's actually a bit better!
    I played it recently after watching you guys play it. A lot more polish!

  15. Smith wants this over and done with so badly !

  16. SmythJunior says:

    You guys should play Worms 3D – Used to love that on PS2. The Golf caddy map on it is the best

  17. hcnif55 says:

    How about pinball?

  18. Sada says:

    You'd think something called Worms Golf would have you battling each other and trying to stop people from getting it in the hole. Imagine knocking people off with a golf club or using explosive golf balls but instead its just a really mundane experience

  19. Ivy Artemis says:

    nearly fell asleep watching this lmao

  20. Vater says:

    “Hello everyone! Welcome to Smith fucks over Trott, where Smith fucks over Trott via Parsec. Repeatedly. For the 5th video in a row.”

  21. I love that you guys are upset/puzzled that the game is exactly what it says: Worms Golf.

  22. Damon Hallam says:

    maybe its suppose to be chill? (doesnt mean its good)

  23. This was delicious to watch. I think they should play it again.

  24. lemonhead says:

    No no no. Worms 3d is clearly the worse.

  25. Robert Ward says:

    Are we forgetting Worms Rumble? Surely that shovelware would be the worst?

  26. Corey says:

    Another Worms game, but still no Worms World Party. Hopefully this experience hasn't turned them off trying another. Worms World Party is basically just a straight upgrade from Armageddon, that same snappy gameplay, even more range of overpowered weapons, more customisation, just more of everything.

  27. Tteckk says:

    Just sitting here waiting for them to get to Worms Ultimate Mayhem…

  28. Anthony says:

    I remember when they had this on the channel a million years ago

  29. MTL_RELLIK says:

    This whole game was literally born out of a custom game map and scheme on Armageddon.

  30. Chris Cooke says:

    I got more pleasure from glancing at the thumbnail than the 7-8 mins i could cope with watching.

  31. Jack M. says:

    It's a sad day when legendary worms golfer Woss_ is robbed of his dunk.

  32. What is with all the Smith comments? He clearly doesn't like the games. He has said that in everyone one of them. He is just bored and doesn't want to play them. He loves games with high action like Squad and that Fallujah game they played

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