Never Rush Your Downswing Again And Develop Smooth Effortless Power

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21 Replies to “Never Rush Your Downswing Again And Develop Smooth Effortless Power”

  1. Ivan Frank says:

    Love this video!

  2. Just tried these drills at the range. Struck the ball way better. Will try it on the course tomorrow.

  3. "Not 20 Bryan Harman waggles, maybe 2 or 3" lmaoooooo I love it

  4. Gordon Steen says:

    Another great video Eric. Keep them coming so easy to follow.

  5. matt becham says:

    I get dizzy when I breathe like that! BTW, I followed up those two awful rounds with a 73.

  6. Hi Eric. I've done the breathing tip when faced with a 3 foot downhill left to right putt. Thanks for suggesting it on full shots too. Never thought of that before.

  7. steve perry says:

    eric, these are all very good tips especially the breathing thing when i remember to do it, because sometimes i find myself holding my breath and that's no good. i've heard it lowers your center of gravity like a boxer does when he throws a punch. i use it when i bowl too and it helps. thnx for the info.

  8. Dr Evil says:

    Excellent advice. I've been looking for some tips to transition my range game to the course. The never changing breathing and relaxing tips are an assistance to the transition

  9. Len S says:

    That’s one thought that has NEVER gone through my mind before a shot “I’m 2 under par and don’t want to mess this up” lol

  10. Seth Cornman says:

    Do you use a specific breathing pattern during the swing as well? Like slow inhale during backswing and exhale through the downswing?

  11. Brian H says:

    Totally agree with the breathing and loose arms feeling. Has definitely made a difference in quality of strikes, along with improved distance and accuracy. Playing today was a little off for a bit, then noticed I was not as loose in the arms. Things improved quickly once I made the correction.. Quick question Eric: Concerning grip pressure in the left hand, should the feel be mainly with the three rear fingers i.e. middle, ring, and pinky? Hope that makes sense. 👍

  12. stratovani says:

    Lately I've incorporated breathing into my preshot routine. I stand behind the ball, pick out my target, and take two or three deep cleansing breaths, in through my nose, out through my mouth. I find that I immediately get a feeling of calmness from injecting oxygen into my brain. My focus becomes sharper, and then it's a matter of setting up to the ball and swinging the club. While my results are not always perfect at least I am giving myself a chance at hitting a good shot.

  13. John K says:

    when I discovered and focus on #1 and #2, its effortless and the ball goes where I want it to go

  14. Hey Eric!!!
    Been watching your videos for a couple of years. Love the way you take ageless techniques(Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan, etc) and make them very understandable.
    Everything in this video I was told over 40 years ago by a PGA Professional teacher in Texas. It all holds true today!
    Love the way you teach sir!!!!

  15. Hey Eric, would you happen to have a coach recommendation where I'm from i.e. Socal, Northern Los Angeles area? I know you offer the on-line instructions, but I need in-person help.

  16. rteach1 says:

    Excellent video. I think that we all can benefit from your suggestions. Just wondering if you developed these ideas yourself, or if you were influenced by anyone in this realm? As an aside, I wonder if you would consider doing a video focusing just what we need to do with the tool, i.e. the club, during the swing. As an example, sometimes I focus on getting the handle of the club pointing out slightly to the right at the finish. Then my brain self-organizes the movements of my body parts. I don’t have to think about supinating my left forearm to avoid a chicken wing.
    One last point: the production on your videos is absolutely suburb.

  17. Where in your breathing routine do you start your swing? Beginning inhale? Exhale?

  18. you are mind jacking me, man!

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