8 FAA Updates Pilots Need To Know

Part of your job as a pilot is keeping up with the latest FAA updates and changes. Don’t be left behind not knowing what is new in aviation, watch this video to learn about the latest FAA information that may affect you.

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FAA New Weather Handbook

Next Gen Weather

Increasing Hot Air Balloon Safety

Flying Alaska Initiative

FAA Weather Program

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34 Replies to “8 FAA Updates Pilots Need To Know”

  1. Jason,
    Thank you for publishing this video for the advancement of aviation and all students of the profession. Aviation is the one "university" that you never really graduate from but continue to earn certificates and ratings while learning new information.

  2. Thanks for your excellent services! My son and I are both going for our checkrides on June 14. I did my written last week and there were 65 questions indeed. Some of the questions that were added were pretty poorly worded and there were some that had two 'correct' answers that I had never seen the information for in my studies so there was no way to answer it properly. I wish the FAA would remove reference type questions that are not critical to flying safely and where the information can be looked up when required. Such as the NTSB question on when to notify in case of accident. It would be more valuable to test an additional weight and balance question, or a VOR question or anything that has to do with flying safely.

  3. I almost forgot to thank you for helping me with my written! I only got one answer wrong in my PPL written in 2022! Your one of 4 sources I used to study.

  4. Tal Naor says:

    Hey Jason I heard on the radio of another aircraft that busted the delta airspace at my home airport and also cut my flight path inadvertently with no communication with air traffic control. I had to go around and did the right thing. I let air traffic control know about this and the controller tried talking to that other aircraft. After a couple of minutes I heard on the radio. Possible pilot deviation I have a number for you to copy. I am not sure of what that is. Can you make a video describing what possible pilot deviation means and what you need to do. Do you have to call the number that the controller gives? Luckily I had no pilot deviation that day. Is there any procedure for what to do in case there is a pilot deviation. I’m really curious and I know it’s something most pilots don’t want to hear. First time I heard that on my flight lesson that day. If you can do a video describing what that term means, what pilots are supposed to do with it, and do they have to call the number provided by air traffic control that would be much appreciated because my instructor never talked to me about that term being used often.

  5. Brian Carver says:

    So balloon pilots need a 2nd class medical just like any other commercial pilot. That's a pretty broad blanket statement. Need to hold a medical EXCEPT 14 CFR 61.3(c)(2)(vii) Is holding a pilot certificate or a flight instructor certificate with a glider category rating, and is piloting or providing training in a glider, as appropriate; If anybody knows different please reply.

  6. Bjorn Mclir says:

    I was recently told in a conversation with FSS manager with 15 years of ATC experience that the 500 foot rule doesnt apply outside of a control towers airspace, and that runway incursions dont exist at nontowered airports. She basicly summed up the whole conversation saying that nothing is illegal if it isnt witnessed from a control tower. I was blown away to hear this from an FAA person, but it kind of reflects FAA attitude of do nothing until someone dies then make another rule.

  7. Evan Morgan says:

    Click-baity title. As a ppl asel, I didn’t need to know any of these changes.

  8. John S says:

    Don't forget, you can now be a safety pilot with BasicMed. Previously, you needed a class 3 medical or above

  9. Over a minute into this video and this guy hasn’t gotten the to point yet. Blah blah blah

  10. Sarah Lovern says:

    Note worthy FAR/AIM change (especially for Privates): the registration is valid for SEVEN years rather than 3!
    I hope the best for all of you taking a written, stage check (shoutout part 141 schools), or check ride! <3

  11. sssmmmvvv says:

    10:58 Without knowing ALL of your ground school participants' knowledge test scores and going on exclusively self-reported results, you cannot even begin to make that claim. Do you really think someone is going to go on your FB page to brag about scoring a 74 after taking your course?

  12. Cronk says:

    Commercial ride tomorrow. Wish me luck guys !

  13. The Information starts at 2:00 minutes

  14. Ken Munn says:

    Hey Jason, great job…..

  15. 8:09 FAA realized they had issues with too many drones in the air so they made more regs to reduce participation of the drone community. Go figure.

  16. Vanessa Leon says:

    🎉 thank you enjoyed it God bless you😮😊

  17. Debug says:

    Jason!! My private pilot checkride is May 10th! If you want to do your mock mock checkride with me, that would be great. Thanks!

  18. MyTech says:

    Curious why they chopped half an hour off the tests while adding 5 questions.
    Especially since most time is used up trying to decypher piss-poorly wording of questions or answers that clearly weren't reveiwed by an expert, occationally attempting to find what they are refering to in the book of charts and diagrams. (Expert that knows the underlying science, not some hack that has memorized some FAA publications.) The evaluation questions are just a "toss it at the wall and see what sticks" method, apperently the FAA is fresh out of anyone that knows what they are talking about.
    The coast guard manages to to give tests with a real proctor and you can challenge badly worded question/answer sets on the spot. Tthe proctor will substitute orall examination for the badly written question, within the same specific subject matter. The FAA on the otherhand just burries their head in the sand and actively avoids any feedback on tests.

  19. Hey Jason, very informative. Love your vids. Quick question as I’m struggling to get a clear answer when I try to obtain from different sources. What class of medical cert is needed for CFIs? Some say 2nd class while others believe only 3rd class medical is good enough. What’s your take? Thanks in advance!

  20. Another reason why I love being a member of this community. Jason and his crew make sure we have the latest a greatest info to enable us to be the safer, smarter pilots we need to be. Another awesome production.

  21. Kevin Davis says:

    With the remote pilot one, don’t you mean break it down into “Drone English” instead of “Plain?” 😂

  22. So awesome thanks for sharing this great video.

  23. I need to get back into flying!

  24. Duniel44 says:

    Guy plugs his channel for the first two minutes of the video. 💀

  25. Tyler Jensen says:

    Biggest thing that changed and somewhat jammed me up during my earlier this April was changes to Aircraft REGISTRATION

    Documents regarding registration – they no longer issue temporary extensions. The original copy of the registration application and a copy of the bill of sale are the documents you NEED WITH YOU in the plane to be legal if you have not yet received your new registration. This was a problem as the school I was working with changed hands and the planes were sold/bought in October of 2022 and as of Jan 2023 the FAA changed the whole process to help with the registration backlog.

  26. FAA DPE’s have been instructed to fail more students – which makes failed federal government since when we need more pilots! Why are the dumbest Americans in the federal government?

  27. Phil Askins says:

    You forgot about the length of registration for aircraft. It is not 7 years.

  28. Thanks for the update. First time hearing about the FAA Aviation Weather Handbook. I’m glad they finally consolidated all those weather related advisory circulars.

  29. You forgot “No inspection passes for off airport operations”

  30. When will they get rid of Nav logs being a requirement for checkrides?

  31. ABQSentinel says:

    I just want to say that the FAA has done more to harm aviation than it has done to help it. The FAA is one of the primary reasons why the Golden Age of aviation in long past, and GA flying has been in steady decline for the past 5 decades.

  32. Just passed my instrument writing 100%

  33. For aircraft owners out there, registrations are now good for 7 years, so look in the mail for your updated one.

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